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Leading architects use Spike’s photo measurements to save time and money

Scaled images straight to AutoCAD

Are you an architecture professional that specializes in residential or commercial projects involving site surveys, and collecting design & planning measurements? If your answer is yes, we understand the challenges and obstacles you face daily.

Spike is an industry leading photo measurement solution that will save you time and money from day one. Our solution doesn’t only ease the burden of taking measurements, it also improves your post-survey activities. With so many benefits leading to improved efficiency –it’s no wonder more architects trust Spike to help improve the process of taking measurements.

Spike users will experience the following benefits:

  • Perform measurements natively in AutoCAD using Spike’s scaled image format
  • Easily capture heights, widths and areas of a building or wall simply by taking a photo
  • Reduce survey time from hours to minutes
  • Measure in real-time while on-site, or measure later from your desktop
  • Conduct surveys without additional expensive equipment or labor
  • Spike is the industry’s first device, mobile app, and cloud photo measurement solution

Time to measure is reduced to minutes

Simplify Surveys & Data Collection


The Spike device, Spike mobile app, Spike Cloud and your smartphone or tablet work together. All your measurements are saved with the photo and can be exported and shared as a PDF, Spike file (XML), KMZ, or uploaded to the cloud where you can export scaled images directly into AutoCAD for design processes. This completely removes any requirement to use interim steps such as scaling photo’s in Photoshop.

One of the key benefits is that you can access your photos at any time to remeasure, eliminating the need to return to the site for additional measurements. Additionally, photos and measurements can also be shared with your team or subcontractors, so everybody working on the project can prepare with the right tools and materials for their jobs. Trust in our photo measurement solution built from the feedback of tens of thousands of industry professionals all over the world to help improve how you are taking and working with measurements.

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