Boost Field Productivity and Data Capture with Spike and Esri’s Survey123 for ArcGIS®

Spike is a smart laser measurement solution for all types of geospatial applications that seamlessly integrates with Esri’s Survey123. Survey123 is a simple and intuitive form-centric data gathering app for creating, sharing, and analyzing surveys. Integrating Spike with Survey123 allows you to quickly and easily measure areas, heights, widths, and the offset location of the objects you need to document, simply by taking a photo with your smartphone or tablet, all within the Survey123 app.

  • Spike provides a photo verifiable record of the feature being measured, delivering increased confidence in field surveys and measurements.
  • Spike allows you to measure distant objects that are either difficult or not possible to reach.
  • Typical ROI on Spike is 3-5 uses in the field.

Combine an Award-Winning Measurement Solution with Powerful Mapping Tools


Survey123 and Spike work seamlessly together. The Spike device is first attached to a smartphone or tablet. Using Bluetooth, the Spike device connects to the Spike mobile app. A Survey123 survey configured with a Spike question type will open the Spike app so measurements can be taken on top of photographed objects. Measurements from the Spike app are then sent into the Survey123 app and stored within the survey so they can be uploaded into ArcGIS.

  • Measure remote objects: Spike captures and stores the location of the mobile device and the location of the target object with the distance offset along with a georeferenced image.
  • Cut Costs: Replace expensive and complicated GPS handheld devices with Spike and cut your field data acquisition costs.
  • Save Time: Collect data faster with Spike, reducing your field collection and measurement time to minutes.
  • Safer Field Operations: There is no need to access the object in order to take measurements. Simply stand at a safe distance and take a photo from your smartphone or tablet.
  • Improve Reporting: By capturing real-time measurements from a photo, including GPS location, distance, and areas, you can provide more accurate surveillance, inspection, reporting and analysis.