From the Signage Desk: Top 5 Resolutions for a Successful 2017

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Let’s get off to a great start in 2017. Here are a few tips to make sure your sign shop is ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead in the new year.

1. Use the winter as a time to jumpstart business. In the signage industry, business typically slows down during the winter months. However, this doesn’t mean you’re stuck bored at your desk, twiddling your thumbs. Take this time to make a few phone calls and follow up with prospects from 2016.

You may even find that a prospect let the project fall between the cracks during the holidays, and a proactive phone call could be just the push that prospect needs. Even if you find out a prospect went with a competitor, ask how the project went. Perhaps the project went smoothly, but if it didn’t, this gives you a chance to re-establish the relationship for the future.

2. Get organized. When you’re organized, running a business is a more efficient endeavour. Update your software and organize tools in your shop. Clean up your files and make backups not only of your files but also drawings, quotes and important emails. When business ramps up, you may not have the extra time to make backups, but if your hard drive fails, you’ll be glad you took this lull to get organized.

3. Keep an eye out for potential jobs in the community. As you’re driving around town, take note of any construction jobs. Often the general contractor handles signage, so if you see a job in the works, pull over and give out your card. Even if the general contractor isn’t handling the signage for that project, you can at least start the introduction.

4. Service your boom truck. Pulling your boom truck from a job directly hurts your bottom line, so take this time to ensure it’s running smoothly. Have a mechanic look at the engine, change the oil and rotate the tires. Make sure there aren’t any other mechanical issues to resolve. That way, your boom truck is ready to go on-site with no problems.

5. Focus on interior signs. With the snow and ice that come in the winter months, installation for outdoor signage may slow down, but that doesn’t mean new projects have to come to a halt. Instead, focus on the interior signage signage market. The profit margin may not be as high, but it’s still a source of revenue when outdoor projects are limited.

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Glenn Chambers, business development manager for ikeGPS, is a 15-year signage industry veteran. Prior to joining ikeGPS, Glenn was an enthusiastic Spike user.