Meet IKE 4 – The Evolution of Pole Measurement On-Demand Webinar


MEET IKE! Watch this on-demand webinar to learn how the fourth generation of IKE makes it easier, faster and safer for engineering service companies to collect and process utility pole data for make-ready engineering and new attachment permitting. We also show how IKE 4 helps utility companies and their contractors with joint-use audits, pole replacement programs and post-construction as-built audits.

Traditional field data collection and permit processing for utility poles is tedious and inconsistent. IKE 4 is a unique hardware and software solution that empowers field techs and make-ready engineers to produce accurate, photo-measurable results and complete pole audits in record time.

We reviewed IKE 4’s core benefits during the webinar, which include how IKE 4:

  • Reduces time in managing attachments.
  • Creates consistent, standardized data.
  • Quickly and easily integrates data with other applications, such as SPIDA®Calc
  • Saves time and money