Beyond the Measurements: About ikeGPS

Changing the way the world is measured, and what makes us tick.

ikeGPS started as a small & scrappy company with a big idea. More than 10 years ago we built our very first measurement product for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to help maintain critical infrastructure across the United States.

Today, ikeGPS is a not-so-small company (that’s still scrappy at heart) and with an even bigger vision. Our solutions are relied upon every day by tens of thousands of customers to get their job done more efficiently, more safely and more accurately. Specifically, we deliver end-to-end solutions – cloud & mobile software, field tools, services & support – to solve specific problems for electric utility & communications companies, signage companies, and geospatial users. We’re honored to serve customers that range from the world’s largest telecommunication company, the largest electric utilities in the U.S, to thousands of the smallest local sign shops.

A core belief is that the best measurement technologies should be accessible & usable by anyone that needs them. We call this ‘personal measurement’. So, say goodbye to overly complex products, hard-to-understand technical language, expert-only workflows, disconnected hardware & software, and austere & impersonal customer engagement.

At ikeGPS we value numerous things above others: specifically, simplicity, clarity, ingenuity, straight talk and never (ever) giving up. And we seek to apply these principles to everything we do – from product design & out-of-box user experience through to the way we support our customers every day.

ikeGPS proudly originates from Wellington, New Zealand. Today, our global executive, sales, marketing and customer support teams are in Broomfield, CO, we have a regional engineering office in Seattle, WA, and an engineering, manufacturing & finance team in Wellington, NZ. ikeGPS is listed on the Australia Securities Exchange and New Zealand Stock Exchange.

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