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For inspecting, assessing, valuing and appraising properties and buildings

Spike allows you to inspect, assess and evaluate properties faster by measuring the width, height and area of a building or property – simply by capturing a photo from your smartphone or tablet. Measure in real time on-site using the Spike app or once you’re back at the office from your desktop.


Faster Measurements For Faster Assessments


Measure properties faster by using Spike to capture real-time measurements of a property, including complex multiple-story properties, all from a single photo. Spike is the ideal tool to have on hand in the field when visiting a property or building for assessment and appraisal. Once in the field, capture photos of the property using your smartphone or tablet and Spike, and then take measurements (length, height and area) from the photo. Spike’s photo measurement capability allows you to measure hard-to-reach areas, such as second stories, that would have otherwise required additional equipment or special access.

Measure while on-site by using the Spike app or measure back at the office from your desktop using the cloud-based tools. You’ll only ever need one site visit to capture all the measurements for your reports. Measurements are recorded with the photo and can be exported as a JPG, PDF or Spike file (XML), so they can be easily added as photo verification to your records and reports.

Spike Now Works With Spex For Insurance Related Inspections


Spex is a modern inspection platform for adjusters and contractors that facilitates more thorough inspections and better documentation, data and collaboration between those who work in the field, such as adjusters, inspectors, contractors, and those who work behind a desk, such as administrators and estimate writers. Spex is expanding the inspector’s toolbox by integrating Spike with its updated mobile platform: Spex 3. Spike enables an inspector’s capabilities to increase on the job site, creating better, more transparent inspection documentation through quick and accurate measurements of a property.

When a claims adjuster uses Spex 3 in the field and needs to capture measurements of a residential property, the adjuster can easily capture a photo of the property using Spike, take the necessary measurements, and then save the Spike photo and data within the Spex app. The photo and measurements can then be added to the report and estimate or remeasured for additional estimates.