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Save Time and Money on Remodeling & Renovation Projects

Spike is a laser measurement solution that allows you to measure elevations, widths, and areas of commercial and residential projects, simply by taking a photo with your smartphone and Spike device. Save significant time on your site walks by using Spike’s photo measurements to complete your bids and estimates. Merely take photos of the areas you wish to measure while on-site then measure back at the office. Instead of manually correcting the perspective of your photos or entering in your measurements, you can measure directly on the Spike photo natively within your CAD program.


Import Scaled Images Into AutoCAD


AEC professionals can save valuable time, money and hassle on remodeling and renovations projects by taking advantage of Spike’s integration with AutoCAD. You can utilize Spike’s Photo Measurements as part of your day-to-day design work with AutoCAD. Instead of manually entering measurements into your designs, you can measure while designing. Simply import Spike’s 1:1 scaled and perspective corrected JPG directly into AutoCAD and measure the photo using the native measurement tools.

Bringing Measurements Within Reach for Remodeling and Renovation Projects


The Spike laser device, Spike mobile app, Spike Cloud and your smartphone work together, and enable you to:

  • Save Money: measure vertical elements without scaffolding or lift access.
  • Save Time: reduce time spent on-site measuring to just the minutes it takes to capture photos.
  • Skip Notes: no manual entry of measurements is required for Spike.
  • Measure While Designing: import Spike’s 1:1 scaled and perspective corrected JPG directly in CAD programs and measure the photo using the native measurement tools.
  • Photo Measure: take a photo of a single plane, such as an exterior wall, and from the photo, measure elevations, lengths, and areas.
  • Point-to-Point Measure: measure the distance between two objects in seconds, by capturing two photos.
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