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16 May 2016

Ask for the IKE Record

by: Alex Fitch

Ask for the IKE Record! Utilities like Avista, Duquesne Light, Seattle City Light, San Diego Gas & Electric and many more like IKE, because they save time while making safer, more informed decisions.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but words can take time. IKE Records can save a thousand hours or more, a lot more! That might sound like an overstatement, but over hundreds to thousands of poles the time savings add up and the benefits are real.

“Avista employees are continually encouraged to be more efficient and consistent in our work processes. I believe that the ikeGPS technology provides our field personnel with a tool that isuser-friendly while capturing the essential details in analyzing and designing our facilities.,” says Nancy Carroll.

IKE Records are the utility pole measurement data you can trust. Actually, you can go beyond trust, you can verify in a split second.  All data collected using the IKE includes Photo Verifiable Accuracy for each attachment height, span and down guy you measure.  Think of a “Photo Finish” at the Kentucky Derby or “Instant Replay” at an NFL game – IKE Records allows you to review a photo record of each utility pole, verify each measurement and detail with amazing clarity and accuracy.

The IKE Record is not just a picture, it is a “Smart Photo”, generated by IKE’s unique integrated hardware and software. The fully integrated approach means your contractors and employees finish the job faster and deliver data that’s immediately verifiable and quickly integrated with SPIDACalc, O-Calc Pro, Pole Foreman, AutoCAD, GIS and more. Since, the end users spend less time per pole in the field, you know the work is inherently safer.

Do you have a Joint Use, Pole Replacement, Network Expansion or Make Ready Engineering project on your plate? If yes, then demand an IKE Record! Your contractors can finish the job faster. And you’ll know you’re getting better information in less time than the old-fashioned way. You can forget about sticks, wheels or disconnected laser range finders and cameras.

Give us a call to learn more about using IKE for your application.


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