The PoleOS™ Company

Who we are

We’re the PoleOSTM Company. Our purpose is Manaakitanga, which means we rise by lifting others. We strive to be the best at what we do and to BRING IT every day with pride and with values.

We exist to make a profound change in the lives of those we serve – the utility pole measurers, network engineers, and all humans involved in provisioning power and communications networks.

For these essential people and businesses, we work hard every day to deliver cost savings, dramatic productivity benefits, safety, continued access to the best technologies, and innovation specific to poles and pole projects.

Our industry faces immense challenges.
We help people rise to them.

Leaning into the digital divide

Less than half of the United States population has access to “broadband” (23 Mbps) internet. We’re here to play our small role until every remote worker or remote student has access to high-speed internet – without having to “borrow” internet from local businesses.

CBS: The Great Broadband Divide | August 2020

Supporting those who give us power

With the shift to work from home, electric utilities play a pivotal role in supporting homes and businesses. We help them help those who need consistent power.

Our values


In an industry dominated by complex processes, we offer simple ways to communicate and solve problems.


We focus on clarity to keep acronyms and jargon to a minimum.


There are smart ways to solve the common problems in the pole industry. Its our job to help you use them.

Open Company / No Bullsh*t

We are straight shooters. We say what we mean and say it simply.

Be Yourself. Be the change you seek.

Great teams do not come about by chance. Great teams – when they're at their best – start first with the foundation of each person on the team understanding their superpower.

Our roots drive
our culture

IKE was founded as a company of good people trying to change the way poles were measured. The drive to rise by lifting others leads us to push each other to succeed as much as we are helping our customers succeed. Working at IKE is and always will be a reflection of that support. It gives us the room to enjoy the pursuit of a better Pole OS for our industry. We’re always looking for more good people to join the team.

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