Contractors & DIYers

Ideal for exterior remodeling and DIY projects

Spike allows you to quickly size up your construction site by measuring the area, length, width and height of the project — simply by capturing a photo from your smartphone or tablet. Measure in real time while on-site by using the Spike app or measure back at the office from your desktop using the cloud-based tools. You only need one site visit to capture all the measurements for your projects.


Spike for constructionImprove Efficiency With Faster Estimates


With Spike, creating estimates is a faster, easier and more efficient process. Spike is ideal for exterior remodeling and restoration projects, including painting, siding, gutters, brick work and scaffolding. Spike’s photo measurement capability allows you to measure hard-to-reach objects that would have otherwise required additional equipment, labor or tools. From a photo, measure the height, width, area, length and cutout area of an object.

All of your measurements are saved with the photo and can be exported and shared as a PDF, JPG or viewable URL. Use the measurements to estimate materials and costs and calculate bids for your customers. The photo also acts as a photo verification for your customers. You can share photos and measurements with your team or subcontractors, so everybody working on the project can prepare with the right tools and materials for their jobs.

Integration With Go Figure Construction App


Taking measurements and creating estimates for your customers is a faster, easier and more efficient process with Go Figure and Spike.

With the Go Figure app for iPad, you can generate accurate stock lists, estimates and invoices all while on site with your customer. Using Go Figure with Spike, you can reduce your time to measure a house from hours to minutes, and increase the accuracy of your measurements and estimates.

Your customers will be impressed with the professionalism of Go Figure. Not only can you provide them with accurate measurements and photo documentation of the measurements, but you can turn around a detailed estimate faster, all from your iPad.