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25 Jan 2019

Cyient and IKE are Reducing Risks and Second Trips.

by: Alex Fitch Glenn Milnes

The IKE solution unlocks cumbersome processes of measuring and collecting utility pole data – enabling Cyient to go into warp speed on bringing fiber to every pole.


140 Years Ago

Alexander Graham Bell established the first electric telephone switching station.

65 years ago

India-born American Dr. Narinder Singh Kapany achieves the first good image transmission through a large bundle of optical fibers. Forbes Magazine will later call him the “Father of Fiber Optics.”


Today, American and Indian innovation reunite – via ikeGPS and Cyient-to drive the next generation of fiber and 5G and help the United States move up from the 45th and 9th global rankings for mobile and fixed-line internet speeds.

The Challenge

Designing tomorrow together with speed, accuracy, and quality.

Cyient, a global corporation headquartered in Hyderabad, India, designs, deploys and manages next-generation telecommunications networks. From field data collection through make ready engineering,  Cyient provides advanced solutions for a variety of customers and is known for the speed and quality of its services. “Our company is very progressive from a technology standpoint,” says Kurt Delia, Cyient senior manager of communications for North America. “We’re always looking for better, more efficient ways of doing things.”

Every day, Cyient’s field teams travel the U.S. collecting utility pole, building, and address information to pinpoint fiber and wireless network locations for multiple Communication Service Providers (CSPs). This information is used by teams in Cyient back offices who leverage Cyient’s innovative systems to deliver precise network designs for review in the States the following morning.

Delia’s challenge is to hold down costs while delivering network plans based on consistently accurate data as fast as possible. “For our customers, we’re all about lower cost, exceeding the schedule and delivering a quality product,” he says.

The Solution

“I like IKE because it helps make new employees efficient in short order as apposed to months of training on traditional data collection methods.”

One major area where he needed to speed things up was in field data collection by new employees. New hires are required constantly to help Cyient meet the telecom industry’s ever-increasing demand for network engineering design, make ready engineering, and attachment services. When Delia first found out about IKE a few years ago, he thought the concept was phenomenal. It just might be the solution to help those inexperienced employees reach productivity faster. “We bought eight to ten IKE 3 units and used them for a few projects,” he recalls. “They were clunky and had issues with the battery life and software, but we became intrigued and engaged with the basic idea.”

Cyient upgraded to IKE 4s in the initial release and today there are more than 80 units spread across the U.S.. Delia says, “I like IKE because it helps make new employees efficient in short order as opposed to months of training on traditional data collection methods.”

“Now, they learn on the job, paired with a team that helps them understand what Cyient expects and what data to collect.” Delia says it takes about a day to for them to learn IKE.

A swiss army knife for pole data.

After they have collected data on their prescribed routes, the field teams send the data to the cloud where the back-office teams can access it and overlay it in Google Earth or manipulate it in ways consistent with telecom customer needs.

IKE allows the Cyient design teams to work with data through a variety of applications and manipulate the data in multiple ways, which makes the back-office process more efficient and results in a higher quality output for final designs. “Our customers are on different platforms and we have to be very adaptable,” he says.

Reducing risks – and second trips

The safety of all field employees is a big concern that IKE helps to mitigate. “We have teams scattered across the country and I know that they have the ability to capture data with IKE from a safe distance and away from active traffic on roadways,” he explains. “In rural areas, IKE also keeps them from being that unknown person on some farmer’s property.”

Because of IKE’s photo verifiable accuracy, Cyient has reduced the number of second trips into the field to retrieve missed information or correct errors. “We don’t have to rely on someone to record every measurement,” Delia says. “In the back office, they can take what they need from the IKE Photos and related information.”

“Nobody does it better. For me, IKE has the best of all worlds,” Delia adds, “I’ve yet to find an integrated solution that does exactly what IKE does.”

He says Cyient developed a relationship with the IKE product designers before the release of IKE 4. “Their development team came to our location with a prototype and we were able to tell them what we liked and didn’t like, and they were responsive,” he remembers. “We helped steer them to create a solution that fits our business and they’ve been a fantastic partner and supplier.”

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