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ikeGPS and its suite of industry-leading data acquisition and structural analysis tools have helped utilities, engineering firms, and communications companies efficiently acquire and dependably analyze the data needed to properly assess and maintain grid infrastructure.

IKE Office Pro is a cloud-based software platform that takes the data acquired in the field with the IKE Device and creates a standardized digital twin of accurate, defendable pole records.

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PoleForeman has been the industry standard for nearly two decades, delivering accurate, reliable, and defendable pole load analysis used by the largest electric utilities in North America.

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IKE Insight is the industry’s go-to tool for gaining actionable insights from new or existing digital imagery or data sources, including drone, lidar, aerial, satellite, or thermal.

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Protecting Grid Infrastructure with Accurate Data and Better Structural Analysis

Guest speaker: Patrick Hanrahan from Nebraska Public Power District

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Engineering Why Field Technology and Structural Analysis Software are Critical to Broadband Expansion in 2023

December 07, 2022

I started fielding poles just after I graduated from college.  It was 2016, a time t...

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by: Spencer Hankin
Customer Success Story IKE Insight Helps Engineering Firm Save Time and Labor

October 12, 2022

The clock started ticking the moment the 2020 Midwest derecho ravaged the first circu...

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Customer Success Story Nebraska Utility Increases Joint Use Efficiency while Improving Safety with IKE Office Pro

October 12, 2022

Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) is the largest electric utility in Nebraska, se...

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Data and the Future of Structural Analysis

Topics covered include:

  • How accurate pole load analysis creates system resiliency
  • Utility poles in the world of 5G
  • Digital twins and the utility smart grid
  • How utilities can use technology to address the skilled workforce shortage
  • and more!
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