Horrocks Engineers Adopts IKE 4 to Accelerate Make-Ready Engineering

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IKE 4 (Photo courtesy ikeGPS)

A Trusted Source Out West
Founded in 1968, Horrocks Engineers has a long history and reputation as one of the western United States’ leading full-service civil engineering firms. Horrocks is committed to planning and designing sustainable communities and its staff of seasoned engineers, specialty experts, surveyors, drafters, and technicians are progressive industry leaders with the technical expertise and management savvy to handle projects of varying size, scope, and complexity.

Yikes, what’s an IKE?
Horrocks’ great reputation and trust amongst its customers led the US’s largest provider of wireless infrastructure to ask for their help with a fiber deployment in Salt Lake City, Utah. The twist was that the customer wanted them to use this thing called an IKE. As an engineering firm with nearly 50 years of experience, they approached the opportunity with a healthy dose of skepticism about a new way to approach the make-ready engineering and attachment permitting portion of this aerial fiber deployment. After contacting ikeGPS, the team at Horrock’s was impressed enough by the initial presentation and guaranteed results to move forward. The features of IKE 4 that were most attractive to Horrocks were less time in the field, Photo Verifiable Accuracy and integration with O-Calc Pro.

Where have you been all my life?
The first hands-on introduction to IKE 4 came from IKE field training. Brian Christensen, a Principal Engineer at Horrocks reported that the initial training was “just right and that IKE 4 was easy to learn and had a friendly user interface.” Christensen added that “IKE 4 was intuitive and once his team members got a few poles under their belt, they were ready to go.” The Horrocks team was able to go from training to deployment almost immediately, accelerating the MRE and permit submission portion of this 600-pole project and moving them towards completion in record time. IKE 4 met Horrock’s expectation of reducing time, and improving consistency for field measurements. The big surprise benefit was the amount of time they saved in the back office on pole loading. Integration between the IKE Office cloud and O-Calc Pro saved a tremendous amount of time by eliminating the need to transcribe field notes and manually build the pole in O-Calc Pro. “This feature was an added bonus,” said Brian.

A picture is worth a thousand words…
It might be true that a picture is worth a thousand words, but words take time and time is money. At ikeGPS we like to say, “a smart picture can save a thousand hours”. That might be an overstatement for just one picture, but over hundreds to thousands of poles the time savings add up. Brian expressed that the Photo Verifiable Accuracy inherent in an IKEphoto and point-to-point measurements “has already proven to be a great backup record and something that’s helping Horrock’s minimize revisits to the pole”.

“I Like IKE”
The use of IKE at Horrocks enabled them to meet customer expectations on time and on budget while giving them a capability that will benefit the team on other projects. In Brian’s words, “IKE 4 is a productivity enhancement tool that allows our staff to collect data with a high degree of accuracy and productivity compared to traditional methods”.

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