IKE 3 & MapSight Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The following FAQs are for the IKE 3 &  MapSight branded products. If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team.

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Device Software

Periodically, new software and updates will become available for your MapSight hardware. These generally provide issue remedies and may also include beneficial feature enhancements. Please submit a Support Request from our Technical Support form to be provided with latest software (that is applicable to your MapSight hardware and Warranty terms & conditions).

MapSight defaults to the WGS84 datum.

The CSV files generated during MapSight data capture are structured so they can be imported into other GIS systems.

As captured data is stored on your MapSight unit you will need either the latest Microsoft ActiveSync for Windows XP or Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) on Vista/7/8 (32-bit or 64-bit version) installed on your desktop PC to copy data between MapSight & Windows-based device over USB.

For users of MapSight OS v5.1 (or later), you will also require the MapSight desktop software to be installed on your 8/7/Vista/XP desktop to import data captured on your MapSight device and generate reports.

Please submit a Support Request from our Technical Support form to obtain instructions on enabling connectivity of your MapSight to your Windows 8 desktop.

ActiveSync/WMDC must be installed before you connect your MapSight device and the MapSight device should be the only Windows Mobile device connected Windows desktop at time of data transfer. ActiveSync/WMDC can only support one connection at a time so your MapSight may appear to not connect if another device (e.g.: Windows Mobile phone) is already connected.

Please submit a Support Request from our Technical Support form for assistance in resolving any connectivity issues between your Windows desktop & MapSight device. Common issues preventing data connection may be firewall settings or local security policies – these must be resolved by your local IT maintenance service.

This may occur if the installer for the Microsoft C++ 2010 Re-distributable Package has either failed or not completed correctly. This package is required to be installed correctly for MapSight desktop to function. The solution is to download and reinstall the 32-bit version of Microsoft software from here.

Yes! ikeDesktop has been re-branded as MapSight View. The device software, ikeOS, has been re-branded as MapSight OS.  Below are the instructions to update your current software.

  • Uninstall all previous versions of ikeDesktop.
  • Click here to download MapSight desktop software. After filling out the download form, double click on the executable file that you just downloaded and follow the instructions

Windows-8-TipDownload and follow these steps to connect the MapSight device to Windows 8.


Yes. The information received from the instruments (laser, compass, inclinometer, and GPS receiver) is stored in a MapSight “.ike” file. MapSight View is required to generate CSV, KML, XML, PDF, and/or GeoPDF-compatible outputs. Each captured photo also has some of this information geo-tagged into the EXIF data of the photo.

By default the captured data is stored on a SD card fitted to the MapSight device. This can be redirected to the on-board RAM of the device.

MapSight units are shipped with an 8GB SDHC Class 10 card as standard. Full size SD or SDHC cards up to 32GB are supported. SDXC or newer generation releases of SD cards are not supported. We do not recommend using micro-SD or mini-SD cards with adapters as this may increase data capture time or lead to data loss.


To clean your MapSight, wipe it with a clean dry anti-static cloth. photo.

Your MapSight device comes with a tested & approved screen protector which we recommend to be fitted as soon as possible. Additional screen protectors can be purchased from ikeGPS or your MapSight reseller.

If you intend to long-term store your MapSight device when it is not in use, when possible store your MapSight device indoors out of direct sunlight, in a cool/non-humid location and away from electric/magnetic materials. Doing so helps protect your device from extreme temperature changes and helps your device run efficiently at start up. We also suggest you:

  1. Transfer any data that you need to a desktop computer
  2. Disconnect the MapSight unit from the external power supply
  3. Press and hold the Power button until the Power Button menu is shown
  4. Tap the [Power Off] button.
  5. Tap the [OK] button to acknowledge the Power Off “Warning”.
  6. MapSight will power off and shut down
  7. For added protection store it in a MapSight hard case.

After long-term storage you should fully charge your MapSight before use, we suggest you:

  1. Connect the MapSight device to the AC charger – it may automatically reset and process the start-up applications.
  2. Allow the MapSight to fully charge before use. To check for a full charge, tap the Battery icon to check the charge level.

We strongly recommend charging any new batteries in your MapSight unit before they are used for the first time as this will set the optimum maximum capacity for the new battery. Batteries can be recalibrated to reset their internal gauge to an optimal level.

This is a process that requires a full charge, discharge & recharge cycle to recalibrate the battery to its optimal capacity. Please submit a Support Request from our Technical Support form to obtain details on this procedure.

We all know that batteries do not like cold weather and the Li-Ion battery in MapSight is no different. Think of a battery like a hand it works better when it is warm.

Download to learn more about how to get the most of our your MapSight device battery.

MapSight Desktop Software

Yes. Digital zoom functionality is a standard feature of the MapSight.

Yes, press-&-hold the Ctrl key and use the mouse wheel to zoom. This is only available on TrueSize photos.

Yes. Similar to many devices using magnetic compasses the compass calibration may stray a little if the MapSight device has been used near magnetic materials or fields. We recommend the user perform an in-field Compass Calibration away from any magnetic fields. Simply click on the Compass Calibration icon on your MapSight unit for a tutorial on how to easily do this.

The laser distance is calculated from the front face plane (where the laser and camera lenses are mounted) of the MapSight device.

A GPS fix requires good reception from outdoors or an indoor GPS repeater signal. If an area with a good view of open sky, use the GPS Info diagnostic utility to check for coverage and acquire a fix for your operating area.

If the GPS is taking longer than normal or, unit has travelled between sites without the GPS enabled, it may also require a GPS Cold Start to reset and refresh the GPS receiver.

The MapSight currently uses a u-blox NEO-6P GPS chip. The NEO-6P chip uses the EGM96 model to calculate Mean Seal Level. The EGM 96 model is jointly created by NASA GSFC and NIMA (now NGA). More information on this model can be found at by clicking here.

It may be that Capture is still running and locking the instruments for its own use. Close Capture by selecting Exit from the Capture Menu options, and then retry Diagnostics. If that still fails, reset the MapSight unit by pressing the power button (until the ‘Power Button’ menu appears) and tap [Reset]. If instruments are still failing, please submit a Support Request from our Technical Support form.

MapSight automatically calculates the Magnetic Declination for your operating based on current GPS fix data and adjusts the compass bearing based on this calculation. Please be aware if have made adjustments to GPS Maximum PDOP setting then the Magnetic Declination may not be calculated accurately until a good GPS fix is achieved.


This is done from the ‘Measurement Units’ option under Tools > Settings.

Yes, press-&-hold the Ctrl key and use the mouse wheel to zoom. This is only available on TrueSize photos.

Yes, click-&-hold the left mouse button and drag in the direction you want to go. This is only available on TrueSize photos.

Yes, but only for photos that have been measured in MapSight desktop.

Click on the Open Folder button in the Generated Reports box.


Yes. Your MapSight suite comes with 1-year hardware warranty and software maintenance as part of your purchase price. You can purchase an additional 1 or 2-year warranty/maintenance extension at time of purchase.

We offer a 2-year extension plan. Purchasing a 2-year plan will give you a total of 3-years warranty. Should you want to purchase an extension plan greater than 2 years, please contact us for more information.

You will not be covered after your warranty/maintenance expiration date.

You will lose out on any enhancements to MapSight View software or the MapSight OS operating system.

If you are under warranty then you will receive an email when general software versions of MapSight OS or MapSight View are released.

For MapSight View, you can sign up for automatic notification of new releases by selecting the appropriate ‘Update Notification’ setting from the Tools -> Settings -> Updates options.

You can download updates from our Support page.

Please contact us, or your MapSight reseller, in regards to prorating warranty extension to align your units on to the same maintenance schedule.


Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) Certification

ikeGPS self-certifies that all MapSight devices and related accessories/software do not require permit for export and are classified under Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) EAR99.

Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) Classification

ikeGPS certifies that all:

  • The MapSight device is classified under HTS code 9015.40* being “Photogrammetrical Surveying Instruments and Appliances”, or 8471.30* being “Portable automatic data processing machines”.
  • MapSight accessory equipment and related software are classified under HTS code 9015.90* being “Parts or Accessories for Photogrammetrical Surveying Instruments and Appliances”
* These codes have determined after consultation with HTS listings and New Zealand customs agents. Local classification may be different depending on determination by local importing customs agents.

The following table summarizes the ECCN and HTS numbers for all MapSight related products. If you have a question or need the numbers for products not listed below, please e-mail support@ikeGPS.com for ECCN or HTS questions.

Product Name ECCN HTS
MapSight Device EAR99 9015.40/8471.30
Accessories EAR99 9015.90
Software EAR99 9015.90

The MapSight device is primarily designed to be used in the English language. Where possible we have used globally recognizable symbols and terminology to aid in use by non-English native speakers. Please do not apply non-English Windows Mobile builds as this will likely affect the functionality of your MapSight unit. If you have a specific language requirement, and would like to assist us in developing a MapSight version more specific to your needs, please submit a Support Request from our Technical Support form  with your requirements..

Please submit a Support Request from our Technical Support form and one of our team will research & respond to your question(s).