IKE 3 Support

01 Sep 2020

IKE 3 Support

by: Dan McGrady

Desktop Software

IKE 3: Download IKE 3 Desktop v3.5.29 >>

Tools Software

IKE 3: Download IKE 3 Tool v6.5.2 >>

WARNING – Please check your license maintenance expiry date. If you download IKE 3 Tools software, which you are not entitled to, you will only have limited IKE 3 usage before the demonstration will expire. The entitlement date is in the release notes for each version. If you do not know your license maintenance expiry date please contact ikeGPS support with your devices serial number (G100XXX).

Review the MapSight Tools updating instructions prior to installing a new version of the MapSight tools. Click here to review and download the instructions.

Microsoft Windows Mobile Device Center

IKE 3 and Mapsight require Microsoft Desktop software to communicate with the PC. If you have any connection issues between your IKE 3 device and your PC, install the latest version of Microsoft Device Center.
Microsoft Windows 7/Vista 64-bit editions use Mobile Device Center v6.1 64-bit version

Microsoft Windows 7/Vista 32-bit editions use Mobile Device Center v6.1 32-bit version

Microsoft XP requires ActiveSync v4.5

IKE 3 Training Videos

Module 1: The Purpose of IKE 3

Module 2: Introduction to the IKE Device

Module 3: Planning your Deployment

Module 4: Introduction to IKE Desktop Software

Module 5: Basic Fieldcraft

Module 6: Advanced Fieldcraft

Module 7: Annotation and Height of Attachments

Module 8: Integration with O-Calc Pro

Module 9: Integration with SPIDACalc

Tips and Tricks

Maximizing Battery Life in Cold Weather

Updating the Tools on the Device

Connecting Mapsight to Windows 8

Tripod Care Tips

Customized Forms – Planning for the Needed Output

How to Apply a Screen Protector to the Device

How to Copy Files from the SD Card

Understanding Terminology with IKE Devices


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