IKE 4 and PoleForeman Integration On-Demand Webinar

Watch this on-demand webinar where we announce our new partnership with PowerLine Technology to help utilities and engineering service providers lower the cost and increase the accuracy of pole load analysis. We’ve accomplished this by integrating IKE 4 and PoleForeman. Our integration combines the efficiency and Photo Verifiable Accuracy of IKE with the easy to use, powerful analysis of PoleForeman. The net result is you collect and assess pole data faster and safer, while delivering a more trustworthy record.

During this on-demand event you will learn:

  • About the new IKE 4 integration with PoleForman and how it helps conduct pole analysis projects in record time.
  • How utility professionals are leveraging IKE 4 and PoleForman to assure compliance with the National Electric Safety Code (NESC).
  • A solution that will give you more control over quality of data, safety and the cost of getting/managing the information.
  • And much more…