IKE 4 Improves Work Place Safety for the Utility Industry

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IKE 4 (Photo courtesy ikeGPS)

At Home… Safe! Almost sounds like I want to talk baseball, since it’s that time of year.  As much fun as that would be, I want to talk about something more important – getting you home safe after a long day collecting utility pole data.  
Most of the time safe practices are inherent.  Either learned as we grew up – look both ways before crossing a street, don’t pick on kids bigger than you, and don’t get sunburnt – or we’ve learned on the job – stay hydrated by drinking the right fluids, don’t go into fenced yards before checking for dogs and wear high-visibility clothing. 
We all have a job to do and collecting field asset data on hundreds of poles a week comes with risk.  Risks that may keep you or someone you work with from getting home safely.  For this article, I want to assume so I am going to assume you work for a utility or company that has a great safety program that reminds you on a regular basis all the hazards you need to beware of and avoid.  So, I won’t go over a list of hazards in this article.

There are two critical aspects of working safely I would like to share:

1. Spending less time in danger
2. Choosing the safest location
Collecting utility pole data is a demanding job, requiring both physical activity and mental presence at each pole while recording precise measurements.  All without missing any important elements when you are an hour or two away from the office.  With many of the traditional collection methods and tools you are familiar with, you have a pretty good sense of how long a hundred-pole job is going to take.  Let’s say at best 30-minutes a pole…longer?  45- minutes a pole?  That really depends on the job, but let’s just agree on “a long time”. 
A lot can happen during the time you are concentrating on getting the job done right.  That long list of hazards your company has warned you about; and rightly so because they are real.  Any of those things could happen to you.  Without going into a lot of detail, let’s agree the amount of time you spend in the field equals the amount of time you are exposed to danger.  Some very serious, life-threating even and most not so serious… but could lead to a lost day of work or worse.
Spending less time in danger would be huge!  If you could cut the time it takes to complete that hundred-pole job in half, you have just reduced your exposure to danger by half.  That’s the kind of shout from the rooftops safety improvement everyone should know about, right? 
Technology makes that possible, in case you were wondering what to shout about from your roof.  The IKE 4 from ikeGPS has proven to reduce dramatically the time it takes to collect vital utility pole information.  Not only faster, but better.  In all the ways, the word “better” is supposed to mean – quality, accuracy, superiority, usability, etc. 
Spend less time in danger by reducing the time you spend in the field.  It is possible with IKE 4!
We are half way home, rounding second and heading for third! 
When collecting pole data with traditional methods – height stick, laser range finder, GPS locater, etc., you are often required to stand in the least safe locations.  Right next to the pole under power lines, equipment, large bolts that might be loose, and cross-arms that could fail.  I think you get the picture, and you know from experience.  Plus, getting to the pole can be a hazard itself!  I’m sure you have plenty of stories to tell.  And by the way, other locations you need to get to can be even more dangerous, like the line that crosses the road you need to measure for clearance violations or other line clearance locations that seem nearly impossible to get to.  But you have to measure it.
How big of an impact would there be if you got to choose the safest location to collect data from? What if you got to pick the location you felt was the safest to collect the height of attachments on a pole,  GPS location,  span lengths, or mid-span clearances?  What if you didn’t have to stand in the middle of the road watching for oncoming vehicles that could strike you just to get a clearance measurement?  Would be incredible, right?  
The IKE 4 gives you the power to make the right choice, the safest choice.  You no longer need to put yourself in danger, because that’s the way it has always been done.  The technology ikeGPS has put into the IKE 4 will empower you to work safer.  That’s right, at a safe location, where you choose to collect the GPS location of the pole with all the heights of attachments. Shoot the fore-span, back-span, service drops, guy lengths and angles.  Plus, IKE 4 has the unique ability to capture mid-span clearances over roads from a safe distance off the road.  Feeling the urge to shout from the rooftops again?  Go ahead!  We’ve done it and it feels great!
Leave unsafe practices behind.
With a long day’s work done, you are heading home safe and sound to watch a ballgame with the family! 

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