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25 Jan 2019

Speed is What We Do

by: Alex Fitch

IKE Faster, Our Message and our Mantra

Here at IKE, we all wear shirts that say IKE Faster. To most people, it won’t mean much. To us, speed is a lifestyle that lies at the core of what we do. IKE Faster is both a message to our customers and a mantra to ourselves. To our customers, we strive to make them faster in the field, in the office, and in the attachment process – period.  And because it is IKE, they will maintain the highest standard of quality. We could have made a device that was twice as fast in the field and stopped there. Sure, we could have been successful creating software that speeds people up by a factor of five in the office. We could have even stopped when we made the largest communication company in the world IKE Faster. Yet here we are, yearning for more speed.

The gravity of the time and cost to build and maintain our electrical grid and communications infrastructure is why IKE strives to help our customers move faster. Our customers need to focus on building, maintaining, and innovating the communications and electrical infrastructure that holds our society together. Bad data collected and analyzed slowly should never prevent them from doing that. So, after cutting field time with the IKE 4 device, and after blasting through back office work with IKE Office, we now IKE Faster by getting rid of the back office work altogether with IKE Analyze. We give customers the tools for the field, then leverage our proprietary back end intelligence to take the data processing and measurement off their plate entirely. All a customer needs to do now is use IKE Field Tools to take photos at the pole. And before they know it, their deliverable is in hand. It doesn’t get much faster than that.

We Live It

Inside IKE, we live the culture of IKE Faster, constantly seeking to improve the way we work so that we can focus on our customers. From systems integration to project tracking, we always aim to eliminate the barriers in our world, so we can be better at eliminating them for our customers. To join us and IKE Faster on your next project, reach out at any time.


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