ikeGPS Announces Reseller Agreement With Western Data Systems

ikeGPS announces a new distribution agreement with survey and mapping specialist Western Data Systems (WDS). This agreement expands the availability of IKE’s Spike product to Texas and Oklahoma and furthers its presence in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry across the United States.

Founded in 1984, WDS has six offices across Texas and Oklahoma with a focus on survey, mapping, marine, environmental, oil and gas, utility and seismic industries. Some of the other product brands that WDS sells include Trimble, Laser Technology and Nikon.

“With WDS’s extensive customer base and sales organization across this territory, we believe that we have found another powerful partner to help expand Spike’s presence in the AEC market,” says Glenn Milnes, CEO of ikeGPS. “We expect to add additional regional distributors with a focus on AEC in the coming months.”

For more information on WDS, visit http://www.wds-us.com.