ikeGPS Introduces IKE 4, Its Fourth-Generation Field Data Collection Solution

New product to set the standard for overhead electric distribution data collection and reporting

ikeGPS introduces its fourth-generation IKE field data collection product, a comprehensive new solution that incorporates the latest mobile hardware and software technologies. IKE 4 was designed from the ground up to set the standard for measuring and locating utility poles for aerial fiber deployments, joint-use applications and construction of aerial outside plant.

“ikeGPS is dedicated to building both hardware and software specifically for the OSP design, pole and joint-use customers,” says ikeGPS CEO Glenn Milnes. “The IKE 4 hardware, Android app and cloud software service have been in development for nearly a year, and the global ikeGPS team is extremely proud to announce the product’s availability. This new solution has been completely redesigned with the goal of dramatically improving the current field data collection product, which has been widely adopted by electric utilities, communications and engineering services companies throughout North America.”

Today’s announcement was made at the DistribuTECH 2016 Conference & Exhibition, the world’s leading annual transmission and distribution event, attracting 12,000 attendees from around the world. DistribuTECH attendees can view a live demo of the IKE 4 solution by visiting ikeGPS at booth 728 in the exhibition hall.

The IKE 4 solution includes the following components:

  • IKE Device: A new hardware design that utilizes the latest mobile technologies to produce a high-performance and low-power field device using Google’s Android mobile operating system.
  • IKE Field: An Android app that contains specialized utility pole data collection and measurements tools for pole heights, wire spans, attachment, GPS location and other field data collection tools. Photos and data collected in the field are uploaded wirelessly to IKE Office.
  • IKE Office: A cloud-based software service used to create and deploy custom data collection forms, measure heights of attachments from the photos captured by IKE Field, validate quality assurance and quality control processes, and store photos and corresponding data for long-term archiving and retrieval.
  • IKE Integration: Enables users to create reports and directly integrate data into applications or enterprise databases. Report output formats include JSON, KMZ, PDF and more. Direct integration includes SPIDA Software’s SPIDACalc pole loading analysis solution and other third-party systems.

Key IKE 4 device features and benefits include:

  • Google Android 5.1: easy to use, familiar smartphone user interface and experience.
  • 13-megapixel digital camera: clear and accurate pole measurements from every photo.
  • 4.8-inch capacitive multi-touch screen: beautiful outdoor screen readability.
  • Wireless connectivity: always connected for uploading data from the field or in the office.
  • Class 1M laser: optimized for wire detection.
  • ARM 64-bit quad-core processor: High-performance computing, low-power optimization.

IKE 4 is designed to address a number of electric distribution uses cases, including:

  • OSP design and new attachment permitting.
  • Pole replacement, new construction and post construction as-built audits.
  • Joint-use audits.

IKE 4 will begin shipping in March 2016 to pre-committed customers. Enterprise-based pricing will also be announced in March and will include multiple purchasing options that align with the business requirements of our customers. For additional IKE 4 product information, please contact ikeGPS via ikegps.com/contact/.