Webinar: 24 Minutes to a Faster Joint-Use Process.

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An IKE Wire QuickCast Webinar

Optimizing Pole Data with Cloud-Based Workflows

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In this 30-minute webinar, IKE’s Spencer Hankin, a former fielder during the  “5G gold rush” period of broadband expansion, will explain how cloud-based data acquisition and analysis workflows can help communications companies obtain joint-use attachment permits faster, engineering firms can improve productivity, and electric utilities can increase grid reliability. 

Spencer will also demonstrate The IKE Device and IKE’s Office Pro Software, a cloud-based platform trusted by many of the most respected grid service providers in the US. 

Topics discussed include:

  • The state of broadband expansion and grid modernization in the US
  • The changing nature of workforces in the grid services industry
  • Why cloud-based workflows are the key to an efficient, productive, and safe joint-use process
  • An inside look at IKE’s Office Pro Platform

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