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Upcoming Webinar

Pole Loading Analysis with IKE PoleForeman

July 23, 2024, at 2 PM CST

Join our demo-webinar to see IKE PoleForeman in Action!

IKE PoleForeman is the most trusted pole load analysis software by major electric utilities and communication companies. Learn how you can build reliable structural models, measure span clearances, and perform detailed analysis to determine pole strength utilization and compliance with NESC safety requirements.

We will discuss how to:

  • Build the structural model: input span lengths, line angles, wire sizes, and equipment on the canvas.
  • Measure span clearances: determine if the poles provide safe clearances over terrain, driveways, roadways, waterways, and railways using built-in tools.
  • Calculate pole height and class.
  • Simplify joint-use collaboration and load according to specific operating company standards.
  • Identify clearances and separation, and more!

Ready to learn how IKE PoleForeman can ensure accurate and reliable pole load analysis on your next project?

Register today to learn more!

IKE Solutions Expert

Sara Deere Headshot
Sara Deere
Systems Engineering Manager, ikeGPS

A member of the IKE's Solution Engineering team, Sara has extensive expertise with IKE’s structural analysis software and played a key role in the creation of the software’s integration forms. She holds an MS degree in Biomechanics from the University of Northern Colorado.

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