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28 Jan 2019

Matthew on: The Pole Record

by: Alex Fitch


Really our goal as a company has been to create a pole record that’s is standardized throughout the industry. We’ve realized the efficiency gains that using our technology and our solution provides. So, you’re essentially getting through the permitting attachment process faster by eliminating multiple trips to the pole and finger-pointing. 

After you take the measurements and do the analysis, you send that back to the pole owner and they have to approve it or deny it based on the data they received. Typically that process lasts anywhere from 60 to 120 days depending on how the contracts are written. What we’ve seen is that through automating the process and creating the IKE record, we can speed up the permitting process significantly. Companies have identified that and are writing it into their articles and RFP’s. That includes really really large companies, pole owners and communication companies because they know that the record that can speed up that process.

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