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11 Apr 2019

New Glossary of Pole Terms

by: Alex Fitch

Not sure what Make Ready Engineering is? IKE has you covered.

The industries we work in are saturated with acronyms and jargon. From Make Ready Engineering to C-RAN to Pole Load Analysis, there are countless industry-specific terms to describe equipment, workflows, and technology. Whether you simply have a passing interest in utility poles or you are an industry veteran there will always be new terms to know.

So, in the same way that IKE simplifies data collection, we aim to simplify our collective terminologies with the release of our Pole Terms Glossary. As a starting point, we put in many of the terms we hear every day. Then, Moving forward we’ll continue to tune and add definitions over time as the jargons and definitions grow. You can always find it at or by clicking a highlighted term in any of our blog posts.

Knowing the right terms should never be a guessing game. No one wants to be the person who was talking about the wrong type of power pole anchor. If you have a term you want to see defined, send Alex Fitch an email.


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