• One trip to the pole.
    All the data you need.

    1. Unique tools make you twice as fast in the field
    2. Custom forms for as much or as little data as you need
    3. Advanced technology keeps your fielders out of harm’s way
  • Your data in the cloud.
    IKE can do the rest.

    1. IKE Analyze verifies your data as it is collected.
    2. Quality assured for every pole record.
    3. IKE is the fence that keeps bad data out.
  • Data verified. Record built.
    Ready to Mingle.

    1. A completed IKE record ready for anything
    2. Automatic pole loading, new attachment permitting, and more
    3. IKE will provide as much service as you need for any project
  • IKE records tell the truth.
    The whole truth. Faster.

    1. Use advanced metrics to see productivity
    2. Always know who is attached
    3. Never doubt how much distress a pole can take
  • The best tools.
    There when you need them.

    1. Access the most advanced field tools and workflow software.
    2. IKE Analyze scales with you, from 20 poles to 20 million
    3. Pay for IKE Analyze when you use it, that’s it.
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