Mobilize your business processes

with ProntoForms and Spike

Mountain View

Spike now integrates with ProntoForms, a mobile forms platform that enables companies to mobilize business processes, increase productivity and eliminate the use of paper. You can capture data from the field using your iPhone or iPad and then share a report of the form with customers, team members or stakeholders – all in real time through a secured and managed cloud environment.


The integration between Spike and ProntoForms allows you to capture area and length measurements of an object, such as a wall or building, from a photo taken with Spike, and automatically embed the photo with the measurements into a mobile form. This allows you to include photo documentation with the other data captured in your forms, making it easy to quickly create custom estimates, work orders and reports for your business.

From the ProntoForms Web Portal, you can customize, mobilize and monitor all forms and business processes in real time, including adding a Spike field to your forms.

You can send the completed form to customers as a PDF and integrate the data with accounting tools, such as QuickBooks online, corporate back-end analytics systems and more.

At this time, ProntoForms with Spike only works with Apple iOS smartphones and tablets.

Benefits of using Spike with ProntoForms:

   Improve productivity
✓   Save time measuring and turning around estimates, quotes and reports
   Cut costs to acquire measurements and grow customer base
✓   Increase revenue from the time and cost savings
✓   Improve quality of service to raise customer satisfaction

Webinar: Revolutionize estimate workflows with ProntoForms & Spike

This 30-minute webinar recording provides an overview of the integration between ProntoForms & Spike, including a demonstration of a full workflow showing the creation of an estimate, using Spike to measure, and dispatching a PDF report of the estimate.


To learn more about ProntoForms and request a demo and pricing, please contact ProntoForms.