From the Signage Desk: Using the Lock Rectangle Tool

There’s a handy, new tool in the Spike Cloud that I want to make sure you’re aware of: Lock Rectangle ratio. In the signage industry, the majority of signs are rectangular or square. And when we take measurements of signs, we tend to measure using a rectangular shape in order to get the overall height, width and area. In fact, the default mode in most design software like Flexi, Illustrator or Corel is a locked rectangle ratio.

The next time you log into your Spike Cloud account, give the Lock Rectangle tool a try. The Lock Rectangle feature lets you lock the aspect ratio of a rectangle, enabling you to move all 4 corners proportionately. This feature is useful when measuring rectangles, so that you do not need to move each corner independently to fine tune the positioning of your corners. You can turn this tool on and off in the Spike Cloud when taking measurements.

This tool is a time saver when it comes to measuring signs in the Spike Cloud, because you don’t have to move each node independently. Now you can determine your workable area even faster, whether you are working on an estimate, design or permit application.

If you are not measuring a rectangle, because you’re measuring an arch, star, triangle or peak of a building, you can easily turn off the Lock Rectangle tool to still be able to measure those shapes.

TIP: To learn more about how to use the Lock Rectangle tool, check out this support article and watch the video tutorial below.


Please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions about how to leverage the Spike Cloud for your business. You can reach me at glenn.chambers@ikegps.com.

About Glenn Chambers

Glenn Chambers, business development manager for ikeGPS, is a 15-year signage industry veteran. Prior to joining ikeGPS, Glenn was an enthusiastic Spike user.