Spike Cloud Release: Scaled Image

We have added a new feature to the Spike Cloud: introducing the Scaled Image.

Spike users can now take advantage of Spike’s Photo Measurements in their day-to-day work with design applications (such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel). Once you are done taking measurements on your photo in the Spike Cloud, you have several format options for exporting the Spike photo and measurements for your work process needs.

In addition to exporting an image with or without measurements, you now have the option to export a Scaled Image* (currently in Beta). The Scaled Image is perspective corrected and 1:1 scaled. Because the scale is set, and the measurement surface has been flattened, measurement and drawing tools will reflect real-world dimensions.

For example, a user could import the Scaled Image into Adobe Illustrator, and start creating a design that will be automatically to scale. In addition, if imposed on top of the image, each design element will be accurately scaled and sized with the image. This eliminates steps and time from the typical design workflow, including having to correct the perspective so the image is flattened. The Scaled Image also saves time as a designer doesn’t have to manually scale a photo based upon a measurement captured in the field.

*The Beta version of the Scaled Image is currently available at no cost to Spike Cloud subscribers. In early 2018, we plan to release a set of Spike Cloud Professional features, via a paid subscription, which will include the Scaled Image. The base level subscription to the Spike Cloud will remain no cost to users.

No update to your Spike Cloud account is necessary to access this latest feature. We welcome your questions or comments at support@ikegps.com.