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Spike Stories: Columbine Window Tint Saves Time With Spike

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Spike helps Columbine Window Tint look more professional and capture measurements with efficiency. (Photo courtesy Columbine Window Tint)

For more than 20 years, Columbine Window Tint, a Littleton, Colorado-based window film shop, has operated as a small family-owned business. Dave Swanson first started the business as a one-man shop for the commercial and residential markets, but over the last several years, Columbine Window Tint has focused on growth. Matt Swanson, co-owner and son of Dave Swanson, joined the team in 2007, and the father-son pair have since hired more employees and subcontractors as well as entered new window film markets, including anti-graffiti, safety and security, decorative and automotive.

With a growing team and customer base, Matt was on the lookout for better ways to run the business. Matt previously relied on the traditional tape measure for his site surveys, which isn’t always reliable when measuring a large space, he says. A tape measure can only measure so high before it breaks – often leaving Matt in an awkward position.

“It was really embarrassing when the tape measure would break and fall on your head,” Matt says. “You want to look professional, but it’s not that easy when you have a tape measure that is flailing all over the place.”

In other instances, a window would be too high to even use a tape measure, Matt says. Matt would have to measure an object on the ground and then scale the window; however, this method gave inaccurate dimensions.

spike ikeGPS
With Spike, all of Columbine Window Tint’s measurements are saved in one place, which helps the shop stay organized. (Photo courtesy Columbine Window Tint)

To measure a window, Matt simply attaches the Spike device to his iPhone and takes a picture of the window. The photo and the window’s dimensions are then saved within the Spike app. Using the measurements, Matt finds that he can quickly determine which size roll to include in his estimate and reduce waste.

“I was actually skeptical of Spike when I first heard about it, but I got a demo, and Spike has made life so much easier,” Matt says. “By just taking a single photo, I can save all of my measurements in one place, and that’s a huge time saver.”

In fact, Matt estimates that Spike has cut his survey time in half, especially on jobs with multiple windows of varying sizes. Constantly switching between manually measuring the windows and handwriting notes bogged down the surveying process, but a quick photo gives Matt all of the measurements he needs. Now Matt can spend more time with the client, which helps him build rapport and ensure all of the client’s needs and questions are addressed.

Not only does Spike give Matt faster measurements but it also boosts his professional image, he says. When Matt walks into a survey site, he’s armed with the industry’s latest technology, which makes him look ahead of the curve. Matt can also use Spike photos and measurements to create estimates for clients. Unlike most window film shops, Matt’s quote includes pictures with dimensions, making for a clean and transparent estimate.

“Spike adds to the trust factor,” Matt says. “Imagine if you were competing against three other shops that take out a tape measure. Then, you come in this sophisticated device, quickly take your measurements and present the client with a clean, graphical estimate. It’s a much more professional presentation.”

As Columbine Window Tint continues to grow, Matt believes working more efficiently in the field and improving the shop’s professional image are key to its success. Although Columbine Window Tint has only used Spike for a few months, it’s already helped set the shop apart from its competition, and Matt believes it will be a valuable asset in driving future growth.

“Spike is now my preferred tool for capturing measurements,” Matt says. “With the ability to work more efficiently, I can go after bigger jobs that will help us grow and contribute to our long-term success.”

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