StateScoop Highlights Colorado DOT’s Pilot of Spike and Survey123

Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) pilot of Spike with Esri’s Survey123 for ArcGIS mobile app was highlighted in the government news site StateScoop. CDOT recently completed a six-month pilot of Spike with Survey123 to collect and measure signs and assets such as the height of a post or dimensions of an overhead sign.

spike ikeGPS

CDOT’s Roberto Avila, GIS Applications and Data Services Unit Manager, says “it is so easy to collect the data now. It’s almost real-time whereas before it was very convoluted and very error-prone, because maybe the file didn’t come through right. It was more time-consuming and inefficient.” With the pilot successfully completed, they plan to scale by training 25 to 30 field workers on how to use tablets with Spike and Survey123.

StateScoop is a digital news publication and a division of Scoop News Group, which focuses on discussing ways technology can improve government.

Read the full article here from the interview with Roberto Avila, CDOT GIS Applications and Data Services Unit Manager.