Alex is a guy that knows poles better than most. He has gained a keen appreciation for the value of good data from dedicated time in the field. His time after attending Iowa State University was spent getting to know the nuances of poles as a field technician in Austin, Charlotte, Nashville, then Denver. He found how vast the electrical network is and how hard people work to keep the power on for customers. Out there in the field, he experienced all the problems with collecting data the traditional way first hand. IKE represented a solution to those problems. IKE gave him the ability to collect data more accurately and faster. More than that, it represented a way of making the network more connected.

When the opportunity to come from the field to an analyst position at IKE came up, Alex jumped on it. His eye for detail made him invaluable as IKE Analyze was built from the ground up. As that piece of IKE’s business has grown, so has Alex’s role. As Quality Manager, he is now responsible for making sure the data delivered to clients is always accurate and meets their exact needs. He guides our analysts every day, helping them understand the basis of the project and the different components that it is comprised of.

The same draw to be outside that got Alex into the field in the first place still draws him outside in his free time. He is always one to enjoy a good hike to a better view or a day spent flying down the mountain on skis. A couple of times a week, you can find him out on the local soccer pitch, chasing another passion coaching kids for Boulder County Soccer Club. Whether he is coaching his soccer team or our team of analysts, Alex’s commitment to quality fundamentals makes him shine. We count ourselves lucky to have his pole expertise making sure our customers get the highest quality data out of IKE Analyze. 

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