Alex attended Lewis and Clark College where he studied rhetoric and media as well as entrepreneurship. That was only the beginning…

Two of those four years he captained the football team — and — four of those years he captained the rugby team.

Today he handles the marketing for IKE and doubles duty to coordinate all aspects of Salesforce integration with the sales team. As a “kid out of college,” Alex spent his first eighteen months in sales. During that time he endured the torture of cold calling, brushed off some harmless hazing from his colleagues at team IKE, and became a top performer. He goes hard at the office and then thrashes his body on the rugby field for a semi-professional team. Nearly every week he comes to the office with a fat lip, black eye, swollen face, and an occasional limp.

All in good fun though, the team that takes jabs and potshots at him all day long actually love him dearly. Alex adores them too. The “team captain” in him shows through each and every day as he brags on the smarts and talent of his team at IKE. He’s their biggest fan. And it’s nice to have a fan that spends his downtime bashing skulls and bodies with 6 foot 6 inch, 275-pound meat wagons.

Alex has an appetite for learning (he’ll eat your leftovers too) and he breaks the mold of the “big jock” as he reads everything he can get his hands on. He rocks his Silicon Valley swagger by taking distance learning courses with IDEO (From Ideas to Action) to fulfill his curiosity for creative thinking. For what it’s worth, Alex is a copious maker of notes. He loves fancy paper notebooks and fine writing instruments. What’s more, he actually reads his own notes and makes notes about notes. All kidding aside this is completely true and Alex writes and sketches all day long as he embraces this fleeting art-form.

Most importantly, Alex is a pole expert. He listens and learns with earnest and is capable of measuring poles in the field, bringing pole data into IKE Analyze, and certifying IKE records. As a marketing practitioner, he “eats his own dog food” and is capable of doing the work with other pole experts — a definitive advantage to the value he provides to the team.

Look for Alex in our team interviews and videos. He is an evangelist of his team and enduring teammate to those you meet on Don’t fear the bruises, black eyes, or titanium plate in his face. He’s friendly and approachable and exemplifies the vision for IKE in professionalism and culture.

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Everyone tells a story about themselves inside their own head. Always. All the time. That story makes you what you are. We build ourselves out of that story.
- Patrick Rothfuss

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