Solution Engineering Manager.
World Class Hunter.
Pole Expert in Chief.

You won’t find a more native Coloradan than Blake. Born in Greeley, educated in Gunnison, and now living in Broomfield, he carries in the centennial state in his bones. Part of being in Colorado your whole life means knowing the outdoors like the back of your hand. While you won’t catch him admitting it, Blake’s favorite story is that of falling in love, first with the outdoors, then with his now wife. All that time outdoors has transformed him into one of the most successful hunters, fisherman, and outdoorsman you will come across. He feeds his family year in and year out with Colorado’s finest wild game, hunting for food instead of just for sport. At IKE, Blake carries himself with the same collected manner he would in the wilderness, completing every task and staying perfectly on target. After starting as one of our field trainers, Blake continually showed he could learn whatever you put in front of him. He moved up through various positions, working in the field and on IKE’s back end until he knew as much about poles as anyone in the company. Now he responsible for leading our team of solution engineers as they apply their pole expertise to any customer that can use it.

“We make integration easy”

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