Communications Expert. 
Director of Strategic Accounts.
Published Illustrator.

There is a particular pride that comes from expertise. It is pride we value here at IKE, and pride that no one exhibits as wholeheartedly as Brent. That is probably because no one holds expertise in the communications industry like Brent. With almost 9 years AT&T and another 10 at two major service providers, Brent has the power to understand the most complex customer workflows and turn ideas into action. As the industry has evolved in the last two decades, Brent has grown alongside it, solving problems along the way. His unique approach stems from experience gained over the years mixed with a surprising creative side (Brent is a published illustrator of a children’s book, Goodnight Tupelo) that allows him to problem solve in a way that not many people can.

Through every aspect of his life, continued success and an aversion to failure drive Brent. In a world where salespeople often ignore the detail in pursuit of the sale, he represents one of the rare people who will deeper than he needs to understand a problem. You can always expect to find him neck deep in customer workflows as he finds answers to questions people didn’t even know they had.

He continues to write the chapters of his communications story from his home in Tupelo, Mississippi where he is a father to three, an avid hunter, and a baseball aficionado. He remains a Mississippian through and through. You can be sure that any interaction with Brent will be accompanied by a genuine smile and a healthy dose of southern charm without an ounce of cliché.

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