Senior Vice President of Sales
Chief Customer Advocate

There are a rare set of people in this world for whom going the distance is a science. Achieving something great is built on a foundation of data and good decision making rather than sheer blind effort. Chris embodies this at IKE. As a former ultra-marathoner, he knows how to succeed over the long haul from the very beginning to crossing the finish line. He brings a wealth of experience in the enterprise and telecommunications market, having participated in the emergence and transformation of some of the largest data, cellular, and voice network infrastructure in the world throughout his career. He has seen how modernization and economics fundamentally changed with the application of new technologies. With the nation’s utility industries on the verge of a similar radical shift, Chris helps lead IKE’s application of our cutting edge technology to guide customers in navigating this evolution.

Chris’ experience has put him in a unique position at IKE to prepare us and our customers for this change through his proven track record, expertise, and wholesome approach to the customer experience. His willingness to do whatever it takes to support his team and IKE as a whole makes him the ideal person to serve as the Chief Client Advocate and Experience Manager across our most important relationships. As our customers continue to evolve, Chris leads the way to ensure IKE is fully equipped to adapt to an evolving industry both now and into the future.

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