Some people fall into a role, and it is the most natural thing in the world to them. Jessica has done that as IKE Analyze manager. After starting as an analyst, her leadership ability and attention to detail made her the obvious choice to manage the IKE Analyze team. You wouldn’t hear that from her though. She is always too busy humbly learning more about the workings of this industry. In a remarkably short period, she has gained a keen understanding of how our systems interact with customer’s systems to improve workflows. She has become a wizard at creating data that gets our customers attached faster than ever.

Jessica’s is a faithful local to Colorado. After getting a double major in environmental studies and psychology, she spent a bit of time exploring the world beyond Colorado. Once she knew Colorado was where she wanted to be, the next step was a certificate in GIS, which kickstarted her career. From there, her hard work has continued to propel her forward. She believes that if you put forth the effort, then that effort will be rewarded. We are on the same page here at IKE. Jessica continues to see the rewards of her efforts as IKE Analyze has flourished with the help of her leadership.

When a hard week at the office is done, Jessica is always up to try some new restaurants after a day spent hiking. A sucker for cajun food, you can bet she can come up with a few tasty spots for local Colorado Cajun delicacies. If you’re really going to doubt the authenticity of Colorado Cajun food… she knows plenty of other great eats around town and will always try somewhere new if you ask nicely.

If you’re ever lucky enough to work with IKE Analyze, keep an eye out for Jessica. She continues to help the IKE team do extraordinary things every day. All of us here are excited to see her leverage her expertise to do even bigger things at IKE.

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