SVP Structural Analysis
Head of PoleForeman

Like many of us, Malcolm didn’t start his life in the world of utility poles. While attending the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) for engineering, poles only came onto his radar when he took a job as a co-op student at an electric utility. Just like that, Malcolm was brought into the world of poles. After about ten years of working as an engineer designing power lines, Malcolm started an engineering software company, PowerLine Technology. Through the development of a strong client base of prominent electric utilities and engineering firms, PowerLine Technologies main product, PoleForeman became an industry-leading structural analysis software package.

When ikeGPS acquired PoleForeman in 2019, PoleForeman was used by more than 125 companies nationwide to design, build, and maintain overhead power and communication pole lines. At that point, Malcolm joined the IKE team as our VP of Structural Analysis. In that role, he continues to hold responsibility for the growth and continued innovation of PoleForeman. Malcolm’s guidance is instrumental as IKE incorporates the power of PoleForeman structural analysis into its broader customer experience. In addition, he oversees quality control for our IKE Analyze product.  The Quality Control initiative assures we are continually producing accurate, consistent, and timely deliverables.  The quality of what we deliver begins with our first interaction with a client and continues throughout that every interaction. Malcolm’s integrity shines through his every initiative. For him, the goal is always to get it done right.

While poles may have been his career, Malcolm is no one-trick pony. As a pilot, he is fascinated by planes. In flying, he finds the perfect blend of challenge and thrill to bring out his best.

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