Solution Engineer.
Traveling Photographer.
Former Fastest Fielder in the West.

Ryan is a creator. He is constantly looking for ways to create success and efficiency in IKE’s business and our customers business. His roots in elite cross country skiing have left him with an impeccable attention to detail that he applies to all of his work today. At IKE, that means he is facilitating the pre-sales process by leveraging his knowledge of IKE’s offerings to positively influence and direct potential clients. This includes technical expertise on the IKE 4 device, IKE Field application, IKE Office, IKE Analyze and all integrations. As a Solution Engineer he seeks out creative solutions to remove any barriers to purchase decisions through complex problem-solving and adherence to project requirements.

Outside of IKE, some people might be surprised to learn that Ryan helped start a successful real estate photography business for properties around Boulder. When he is not photographing property, he does his best to apply those photography and videography skills as he travels, explores and enjoys the vast offerings our natural world has to offer.

“The Fastest Fielder in the West”

Ryan Scott
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