Being a pole expert comes as something of a badge of honor here at IKE. We are a company built out of pole experts. Yet, we didn’t all start out thinking the pole industry was where we were going to be. We are proud of the diverse experiences of the people here at IKE. It always brings a smile to our face to see someone grow from any diverse background into a pole knowledge powerhouse. No one exemplifies that pride quite like Sara. Coming from studying biomechanics, she started as one of our analysts. She has quickly become a force to reckon with when talking about poles, pole loading, and industry workflows. As she tells it, her education in biomechanics meant she was an expert on human loading, how the body handles different loads in different conditions. Naturally, the jump to doing something very similar for poles was an obvious choice.

From the day she started, Sara has been extremely self-motivated and dedicated to success. She is one of the rare people who genuinely enjoys tackling new tasks and learning new things to improve her knowledge in the industry. Combined with an indomitable work ethic, she has leveraged those traits to move on from analyzing poles to be our resident integration specialist. Today, she is responsible for automating customer workflows and streamlining the flow of pole data from IKE into dozens of other applications.

Outside of work, she channels that work ethic into all kinds of physical activity. From hiking with the dogs to grinding her way through Tough Mudders, she continues to push herself every single day. Despite her drive, Sara still appreciates the value of meaningful relationships. You can always find her and her husband enjoying company events or making friends at local craft breweries.

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