Pole data you can trust for pole loading analysis and make ready engineering

Streamline utility pole data collection processes and reduce costs

People like IKE at 100’s of utilities.

More than one million poles will be IKE’d in 2018.

Meet the complete pole solution

  • Pole software
  • Field tools built specifically to measure poles and wires
  • Pole experts

More than 2x faster pole loading analysis

Get your pole measurements into pole loading analysis software with a single click.

The IKE 4 solution integrates seamlessly with all major pole loading analysis software packages including OCalc-Pro, SpidaCalc, PoleForeman and PLS-Pole.

Photo-verifiable accuracy for make-ready-engineering

IKE4 has been built from the ground-up to deliver the fastest and most accurate make ready engineering.

  • Smart IKEphoto’s verify every measurement
  • Say good-bye to re-visits and spot checks
  • Eliminate human error
  • Get faster approvals

Get everybody on the same page for Joint Use projects

The IKE 4 solution is a complete, standardized Pole Record.

One central cloud location delivers consistent results across your business and for your customers.