• Why We're Here

    We are a collective of pole measurement analysts, scientists, field data collectors, and customer advocates. We are on this planet to make a profound change in the lives of those we serve - every human connected through the workflow of pole provisioning projects. Together, we are building the power and communications infrastructure of the future.

  • Our Values


    Working hard to build technology and customer experiences that communicate in a simple and human language.

    “ IKE Faster”

  • Our Values


    Starting with every new hire, we have an awareness of ourselves and how we impact each other - we strive to bring out the best in ourselves. This fosters our inventive mindset.

    “ The magic of IKE Analyze”

  • Our Values

    Be Yourself

    Great teams do not come about by chance. Great teams – when they are at their best – start first with the foundation of each person on the team understanding their superpower.

    “ I measure poles, I love it.”

  • Our Values

    Never, ever, give up

    Inevitably, when the pace is quickest, the time for opportunity is at its greatest. It makes no sense to quit any race even on the brink of exhaustion.

    “ Poles are critical”

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