Spike Cloud Release: Spike Support of AutoCAD and ARCHICAD

Spike now supports AutoCAD and ArchiCAD, saving architecture, engineering and construction professionals valuable time and effort.

We recently announced a new Spike Cloud feature, the Scaled Image*. The Scaled Image is a scaled 1:1 and perspective corrected (commonly known as deskewed) JPG.

Not only does the Scaled Image work with design tools like Illustrator, Flexi, and Corel, Spike Cloud users can now import the Scaled Image directly into AutoCAD or ARCHICAD, where they are able to immediately measure and design using AutoCAD’s or ARCHICAD’s native tools. Measure any height, width or area that is on the same plane that the Spike laser was pointed at, all from within your CAD software.

What used to sometimes take days to measure a project to be ready for AutoCAD or ARCHICADimport can now happen within hours, all from a smartphone. Also, save time and money by skipping the requirement to use Photoshop prior to getting your data into your CAD software. Spike’s Scaled Image is already perspective corrected, ensuring that the measurements taken will be to scale and the image is flat.

Equipped with Spike, anybody can easily capture dimensions of a project simply by taking a photo. All measurement work can be completed back at the office and natively within AutoCAD or ARCHICAD.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of using Spike with AutoCAD, or visit our Spike Support Center for instructions.


*The Beta version of the Scaled Image is currently available at no cost to Spike Cloud subscribers. In early 2018, we plan to release a set of Spike Cloud Professional features, via a paid subscription, which will include the Scaled Image. The base level subscription to the Spike Cloud will remain no cost to users.