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There are smart ways to solve the common problems in the pole industry. It's our job to help you use them.

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Great teams do not come about by chance. Great teams – when they're at their best – start first with the foundation of each person on the team understanding their superpower.

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We’re a bunch of good people trying to solve the problems of other good people in the pole industry. We don’t always get it right, but we’re always seeking to lift those around us and make sure that if nothing else, we are treating each other well and having some fun along the way.

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The original benefits to keep you healthy, happy, seeing clearly, with a big smile on your face.

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IKE volunteers every year for a local cause that matters to us. It’s a great way to get out and support the community.

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IKE gives you the time you need as you start a new family.

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The Covid-19 pandemic forced the world to re-think how it approaches work. As we learned, IKE is uniquely positioned for full remote work. Now that it is winding down, we would love to have people back in the office, but fully support people in positions that allow them to work remotely.

Open Positions

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Full-time Production Engineer

Production EngineerABOUT THE ROLE IkeGPS is looking to find a Production Engineer to join our team in Lower Hutt, Wellington. This role reports directly to the Operations Manager and will be critical in overseeing and improving production processes in terms of quality whilst also providing technical support to the Production Team. The Production Engineer is responsible for implementing a high quality, low volume, high values production environment for our IKE Device Line. The IKE is a complex system of Android based computers, Optics, Lasers, Precision GPS systems in a rugged enclosure.SKILLS & EXPERIENCE● Project management● Hardware device assembly experience● Strong problem-solving skills and logical approach● Understanding engineering, scientific and other technical information● Knowledge of circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment● Setup and measuring of quality metrics● Ability to present data effectively● Excellent understanding of quality control principles● Computer Proficiency - Familiarity with Windows and Microsoft Office applications.● Communication Skills● ESD awareness● Attention to detail● Health & Safety conscious● Self-motivated, flexible, proactive and committed● Good Understand low value high value manufacturing environments● Good understanding of customer expectations and deliverables with an awareness of the impact of failure/cost of poor quality

engineering Wellington,NZ
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Full-time IKE Training Instructor / Specialist

Position purpose ikeGPS is a technology company that operates in the North American utility poles market. One of our products, PoleForeman, is a Structural Analysis Engineering software application used to determine pole length and class in the design of overhead utility lines. The core responsibility for this position is instructing PoleForeman software training classes. To be successful in this role, a candidate must understand the fundamentals of overhead line design, pertinent aspects of the National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) and General Order 95 (GO95). As an IKE Training Instructor, you will develop and instruct training curriculums on the use of the PoleForeman software as well as provide training for Overhead Distribution Line Design and Joint Use Make Ready Engineering. Your teaching skills, industry knowledge, and subject matter expertise will be used to train personnel who design, construct, and maintain overhead utility lines at electric utilities, engineering firms, and communication companies. In addition, you will host internal training for new hires or other employees who seek to learn. In this role, you will instruct both virtual and in person training sessions. You will be responsible for updating training content as needed to reflect updates in the software as well as updates in safety codes (NESC / GO95). ________________________________________________________________________________ Position location While preferably this position will be in Chelsea, Alabama, ikeGPS has a “Work Anywhere” policy that is an option for this position. Work Anywhere would require reliable high-speed internet as well as access to a major airport for travel. Strategic context Training is an opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge and industry expertise, both of which build credibility and future business opportunities for our company. Key responsibilities & Expected Outcomes Responsibilities: Develop PoleForeman software training curriculum Instruct PoleForeman Training Classes (Virtual and In-Person) Develop Overhead Line Design Training Curriculum and content Instruct fundamentals of Overhead Line Design Classes Manage work schedule, coordinate training dates with clients Manage travel arrangements (hotels, cars, flights, etc) Maintain public training calendar accessible by sales team / manager Key relationships VP Structural Analysis Sales Team PoleForeman Software Development Lead PoleForeman Product Manager Head of People _________________________________________________________________________________ Competencies Competency Demonstrated by Presentation Skill Delivers high quality presentations and is able to effectively interact with the audience; communicate the messages with clarity; engage the audience in the presentation; and interpret and understand the mindsets of the listeners and adjust messaging accordingly Self-management Effectively plans and organises work to achieve desired outcomes; proactive, remains focused, takes action to overcome obstacles and follows through to completion with little or no supervision. Integrity Is fair, open, honest and consistent in behaviour and can be relied upon and generates confidence in others through professional and ethical behaviour. Keeps commitments; Inspires the trust of others; Works with integrity and ethically; Upholds organizational values. Relationship building Builds and maintains positive and productive working relationships and networks both internally and externally as required. Organization Able to organize own work and priorities and balance these against business needs. Communication Excellent communicator able to adjust to the appropriate levels and avenues of communication at the appropriate time to ensure that everyone is up to date on development. Adept at keeping communication lines open. Communicates effectively, clearly and informatively in both verbal and written communication. Decision-making Capable of sound judgement, with clear explanations of reasoning behind decisions. Able to demonstrate an appropriate level of autonomy and accountability. Technical Know-How Has the technical know-how to perform at the required level. Is able to recognize own strengths and weaknesses. Pursues training and development opportunities as needed. Strives to continuously build knowledge and skills. Shares expertise with others. Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness; Looks for ways to improve and promote quality; Applies feedback to improve performance; Monitors own work to ensure quality. Selection Criteria – Essential Understanding of and ability to identify overhead communication assets (coax cables, copper cables, fiber cables, messengers, guy wires, power supplies, antenna, amplifiers, spices, etc.)Understanding of and ability to identify overhead power distribution assets (poles, guys, brackets, cross arms, insulators, wires, transformers, capacitors, reclosers, regulators, streetlights, arrestors, switches, etc)Ability to read and understand IKE Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and IKE Work Instructions (WIs) across multiple projects.Demonstrate strong attention to detail.Strong demonstration of accuracy and efficiency in daily work.Ability to edit own and other’s work for spelling and grammar and able to vary writing style to meet needs.Can present numerical data effectively.Able to read and interpret written information.Able to supervise and develop others. Possess solid analytical and problem-solving skills required to troubleshoot technical issues. Be a customer advocate, passing on feedback or enhancement requests. Possess hands-on experience with utilities, communication companies and engineering service providers. Have the proven ability to train and provide constructive feedback to team members. Be a team player who can establish and maintain strong relationships across teams Be self-motivated with a proven track record of effectively managing teams. Be comfortable in the dynamic atmosphere of a technical organization with a rapidly expanding customer base and evolving solutions. Be professional, with extremely strong interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills including the ability to effectively present concepts and ideas to groups of people. Delegated Authority: · None PHYSICAL DEMANDS AND WORK ENVIRONMENT: This position requires standing, walking, sitting, and speaking. Work environment will vary between a computer terminal all day or presenting in classroom environment all day. For onsite training, travel will be required which could include both air travel and automotive travel. The above is intended to describe the general content of and requirements for the performance of this job. It is not to be construed as an exhaustive statement of duties, responsibilities or physical requirements. Nothing in this job description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

information_technology Chelsea,US
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Full-time FDC Manager (Pole Loading, Make Ready Engineering, Lineman Training, Trainer, Field Data Collection)

Position purpose The Field Data Collection Manager is responsible for the successful delivery of the Field Data Collection (FDC) function at IKE, ensuring critical and accurate data is collected in an efficient and effective manner. Included within this responsibility is leading IKEs CX70 process: “Ike FDC capability seamlessly managed "Best in Class" field data collection, which enables the project to me go faster, with a higher quality output.” The role is also critical in the success of IKEs swimlane no 1: “FDC excellence (quality & efficiency) & ownership of this FDC process for structural analysis & MRE. This is the multiplier effect to feed the IKE economic engine.” The FDC role has 3 critical parts: FDC Project Management FDC Training and Consulting FDC Sub contract services _________________________________________________________________________________ Position location Broomfield Colorado / Remote Strategic context IKE is the expert with the IKE Solution. Establishing realistic run rates, quality reviews, troubleshooting, required rework, and advanced metrics are available to the customer allowing them to deliver data to their end customer and eliminating common friction areas. This role supports this through Field Data Consulting and Field Training, working within the Field Data Consulting Framework. Key responsibilities & Expected Outcomes Operating within the Field Data Consulting Framework The key responsibilities fall under 3 major frameworks of the Field Data Consulting Framework I.  IKE Project Management Ensuring that delivery to the customer and the elimination of common friction areas are met through: FDC Project Setup Daily Performance Management Quality Control on Collected Data Access to on-call senior Consultant Outcomes: IKE Project Management results in increased effectiveness and efficiencies on quality of output. Utilizing the IKE’s proprietary technology and know-how allows for seamless implementation of best practices, tailored coaching, and quality control to deliver efficiencies. Elimination of historical friction points allows for ease of collection and delivery in full, on time, and in scope. Critical success factors: cna competently run a projectField teams are trained to SOW Field team collect at high rates of productivity Field Data Consulting (FDC) Project Setup Act as the on-call senior level FDC contact Responsible for Statement of Work Alignment and Understanding Review and refine the form. Consult with the customer on preloaded data and route management. Responsible for creating/developing the personalized project best practice guide for customer Outcomes: FCC Project Setup ensures that the customers have a thorough understanding of the Statement of Work.  Comment friction points are eliminated and field teams and IKE Analyze receive immediate communications which allow for a smooth transition from pre production runs to production.   Daily Performance Management Advanced Kibana Metrics Breakdown of Poles Collected Metrics to identify and implement coaching points Outcomes: Provides at- a- glance field performance of fielders using predefined parameters utilizing ESRI GIS dashboards. Identify personnel that need additional coaching and provide actionable data for project meetings and help meet the pre identified metrics of projects or allow for accurate adjustments when necessary. Quality Control on Collected Data Quality Control of Data Recollects Identified and Delivered Coaching on how to mitigate re-work Outcomes: Immediate feedback provided to end users allowing for field delivery in full, on time, in scope. Allows for faster processing of billable poles. Access to on call senior level FDC Consultant On call FDC Consultant to answer any questions regarding project Process Improvement FDC Consultation for additional projects Outcomes: Inefficient field practices are easily identified and mitigated leading to greater confidence when adopting the IKE Solution. IKE becomes the customer standard for field collection. II. Field Training and Consulting ikeGPS has a well received training program established. The objective of Field Training and Consulting is to build upon our past successes and tailor our training to our business offerings while maintaining the success of our current methodologies. IKE Training and Consulting Responsible for supporting/implementing Self Perform Training Delivery of FDC IKE Analyze Training Support training through IKE University Outcomes: Training is a core component of IKE’s success with our customers. Training is moving to an online engaged model while retaining premium onsite capabilities. Training covers a variety of industry workflows to allow our customers to become immediately effective on their Projects with very little ramp time. FDC Self Perform Training for customers to become familiar with the IKE Solution. Training covers both IKE Office and IKE Field and is more generalized. Self Perform Customers will have the option for consulting as an upsell opportunity for the FDC section. Provide Familiarization training to both external and internal customers Provide IKE University Supplements Complete IKE Platform training for customers Responsible for reviewing Initial data Provide a consulting service for other projects for an additional source of revenue Outcomes: FDC Self Perform Training allows for customers to meet their own internal requirements while utilizing the IKE to its highest potential, both in Office and in Field. Self Perform Customers receive ongoing support in the beginning of their adoption of the IKE Platform, becoming their standard for aerial pole work. FDC IKE Analyze Training IKE is the expert with our solution. FDC IKE Analyze allows for companies to focus on fielding and allows for extremely specialized field training tailored completely to the workflow for their specific project. Field Coaching is continuous which allows for quality data from the field for processing by Analyze team. Deliver tailored training to project. Use IKE University to supplement training. Provide training with a heavy focus on field training. Implementation of best practices Ongoing data reviews Outcomes: Comprehensive training for IKE Analyze Projects allows for immediately actionable data from the field to our office teams. Customers are trained with quality and efficiency in mind and receive front end quality assurance from the FDC Manager and proactive coaching points based on the Statement of Work and best practice implementation. Virtual IKE University Training IKE recognizes the need for customers to continue operating as well as for our people to train them effectively and safely.  As such, IKE is standing up an MVP online training program to address short term needs that take us from addressing the immediate needs of the business to creating a value-add platform that becomes part of our key offering. MVP Stand up is complete. Provide an ongoing source of revenue which is subscription-based. Ability to stand up additional workflows for specific use cases and workflows. Outcomes: IKE University helps FDC Training become more scalable and less labor intensive, allowing our customers to train on their time with a less of an impact on productions.  IKE University is a critical part of FDC moving forward with larger enterprise customers. III. Subcontract Field Data Collection Framework Several key customers have asked ikeGPS to collect data on their behalf for various ongoing projects consisting of fiber, small cell, and storm hardening. These customers include Crown Castle, AT&T, Florida Power and Light (FPL), and more. ikeGPS has an opportunity to provide field data collection services to strategic accounts. This is done through:  IKE Field Data Collection Collect data for 3rd Party Contractors Perform Quality Control of work on data collection Provide Operational Reviews annually or before a project is offered to a contractor for RFP. Health and Safety Outcomes: FDC is a revenue generating function with capabilities which allow IKE to scale aggressively and leverage new opportunities while eliminating the inconsistent use of our hardware by other parties and the universal IKE Record is seen as the industry de facto standard. 3rd Party Subcontractors Ensure that MSA (or CSA) is in place Ensure that the Proper Insurance Levels are in place with regards to: Commercial General Liability Business Automobile Liability Workers Compensation Employers Liability Provide an appropriate Human Resources Program Ensure there is an established Process for hiring qualified individuals to perform contracted work Perform contracted work as required Responsible for adherence to Standard Operating Procedures for Project Establish the lead time necessary to deploy external assets into the  field Develop relationships with FDC accredited companies that allow IKE to deploy field collection service throughout the US. Outcomes: IKE 3rd Party Subcontractors allow IKE to accommodate large volume projects while maintaining control of the field collection process thus enforcing quality. They are the go-to solution for large projects with clearly defined workflows for meeting our customer obligations. Quality Control Quality analysis performed on collected field data Engage in proactive coaching to field teams Deliver Performance Reviews to 3rd Party Contractors Responsible for Onboarding through Contractor Service Agreement, Initial Operational Review and Insurance Verification. Ensuring that Contractor Service Agreements (CSA) are in place Responsible for Regional operation boundaries & project timeline Responsible for Insurance verification Maintain and manage the Risk Register: historical vs. proposed Outcomes: Quality Control allows for predictable results from the field and quick processing for the IKE Analyze team while keeping the 3rd Party Contractor productive and on task. Leverage ESRI to deliver performance reviews both to IKE’s Leadership team and the 3rd Party Contractor. Onboarding allows for IKE to have go to Contractors on hand for FDC projects as they become available. IKE has identified 3rd Party Contractors which allows us to be agile and respond aggressively to projects. We have 5 preferred partners currently with a large US footprint. Health and Safety IKE will need to furnish standard operating procedures centered around health, wellness and safety of its contractors. Due to the inherent risk associated with field data collection, it will be pertinent to make sure that these crews are well versed to respond to a number of different scenarios. Risk, and recognizing the possibility of loss or injury inherent in field environments where projects are located so it will be necessary to outline and understand potential risks to reduce the likelihood of negative consequences. Provide the necessary risk assessments. Communicate and update standard operating procedures on health, wellness and safety to all contractors and alerting them to any high-risk issues. Ensure that all contractor crews are aware of well-versed in responses to different scenarios. Keep up to date with legislation around health and safety requirements in the workplace

telecommunication Broomfield,US
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Full-time : QA Analyst - IKE Analyze

This position is responsible for ensuring that IKE-Analyze delivers an accurate, high quality product on a consistent basis. You will review work completed by IKE-Analyze to determine if an analyst’s work has followed Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) established by IKE and followed project specified Work Instructions (WI). You will ultimately be deciding whether to deliver the product to the customer or send the product back to the analyst for correction / rework. In performing the QC role, you will be grading each IKE analyst on the quality of their work and helping to identify gaps in knowledge, processes, and/or technology that impact the quality of the products delivered by IKE-Analyze. You will be expected to maintain a daily targeted inspection rate and be able to justify your pass/fail decision if questioned.

information_technology Broomfield,US
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