The PoleOS™ Company

We are IKE,
The PoleOS™ Company

We're a platform technology company for poles, serving critical but under-celebrated people and industries.

Our purpose is Manaakitanga;
we rise by lifting others.

We exist to profoundly change the lives of those we serve – the utility pole measurers, network engineers, and those involved in provisioning power and communications networks.

For these essential people and businesses, we work daily to deliver cost savings, dramatic productivity benefits, safety, continued access to the best technologies, and innovation specific to pole projects and grid infrastructure.

Supporting those who give us power

In today’s hybrid workplace, electric utilities are pivotal in supporting the grid for homes and businesses in providing reliable, safe, and consistent power across the grid infrastructure with increasing demands.

Leaning into the digital divide

At least 42 million Americans do not have access to broadband. Our vision is to bridge the digital divide by providing high-speed internet to every home and business, reducing the need to “borrow” data from local venues.

Source: CBS – The Great Broadband Divide | August 2020

Purpose powered by people

Manaakitanga is only achievable when supported by people who live and breathe our purpose with a rigorous focus on those they work with and those they serve.

Living Manaakitanga

Our team combines industry understanding with tech excellence. We’re the partner that our customers cannot imagine living without.

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Behind the Scenes

See our employees in action. Learn more about how we work. A view into our collaborative culture.

Employees in Action
ike’s core values

What we live by

Our values inform where we come from and guide us to where we’re going. They are the tailwinds that push us forward. They are the rocks we lean on when the world puts us back on our heels. They are who we are.




with No Bullsh*t

Be Yourself.
Be the change you seek.

See how we put these values into action

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Our purpose drives our culture

Manaakitanga leads us to push each other to succeed as much as we are helping our customers succeed. Working at IKE is, and always will be, a reflection of that support. It gives us the room to enjoy the pursuit of a better Pole OS™ for our industry.

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