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Define your data and image sources from almost any method, including drone, satellite, lidar, thermal, aerial, and field collection tools.

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Decide what information, business rules, or predictive analytics you need, then leverage the IKE Insight platform to create insights.

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Receive your data in the format you need with clear throughputs into your native systems.

Image-agnostic AI

Gain actionable insights from bulk data and images using AI and predictive analytics.

Field data collection agnostic

IKE Insight supports any type of image collection including; drone, thermal, LiDAR, video, aerial, and more.

Use intelligence for action

Apply conditional rules and attributes to your data using AI at scale. Use the insights to take meaningful action in your business.

Most advanced technology ever applied to poles

Computer vision and machine learning make up a low code, artificial intelligence suite purpose-built for utility and telecommunications infrastructure.

1 Image = multiple insights

Once you collect an image in the field you can process it for multiple use cases.

Real-time processing

Process data as it is collected using round trip between cloud and field.

Actionable insights—automatically

Conditional application of rules and attributes to AI gives you unique insights automatically.

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Use cases

The applications for IKE Insight are almost endless, but here are a few of our most common use cases.

Fiber market assessments

Estimate make-ready needs and identify an optimal route.

Joint-use permitting

Take the legwork out of attachment requests.

Utility pole audits

Complete high-volume audits for joint use and pole transfer agreements.

Pole inspections

Search across networks for pole and line damage or defects.

Find new and existing issues using

  • Lidar
  • Thermal
  • Hotspot Detection

New insights from legacy audits

Reuse existing imagery from previous data collection to gain new benefits.

Quality assurance

Ensure the quality of every collection for:

  • Change detection
  • Validation
  • As-built

Pole reconciliation

Find and identify missing poles in an area. Reconcile attachment and ownership discrepancies at scale.

Vegetation encroachments

Ensure vegetation is not encroaching on your poles and causing unnecessary fire hazards.

Location validation

Locate missing assets from images:

  • Missing poles
  • Abandoned poles
  • Double wood
  • Risers
  • Meter poles

Learn how IKE Insight can help you to gain pole insights at scale.

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