What does IKE Office Pro do?

Measure poles, spans, equipment, and location

Create a clear picture of your network using data from the IKE Device to annotate heights of attachment, identify equipment, and measure spans and anchors.

IKE Office gets you to revenue and service reliability faster

Whether you are trying to turn on service for your customers, or ensure a sturdy grid, IKE Office Pro helps you build the pole records you need fast.

Make pole load analysis easy

Direct integration with IKE Structural/PoleForeman, O-Calc Pro, SpidaCalc, and PLS CADD makes pole loading as simple as point and click.

Export data dozens of ways

Robust exports so your data can go where you need it to -- IKE Report, KML, EXCEL, JSON, raw and mark-up images, and more.

Exports built for your workflow

IKE Office Pro allows you to export in formats native to the most used systems in the industry. Need something different, just ask.


Our feature list continues to grow. Stay tuned to his page or subscribe to our product update announcements to stay up to date with our growing capabilities of IKE Office Pro.

Configuration and Forms

  • Advanced roles and user management
  • Advanced form fields
  • Build forms from client files
  • Update existing collections to new forms
  • Track workflow status
  • Share forms across departments
  • Data roundtrip – CSV import

Project Management

  • Organizational wide search
  • View Jobs / Pole by Status, Collected by, Last Edited
  • Move poles between departments
  • Delete collection
  • Assign work to users
  • Assign work to IKE Field user

Pole Locations and Spans

  • Street view manual location
  • Address geocoding
  • Manually edit pole locations
  • Manually edit anchors / drop spans
  • See spans on office map
  • Manual linking poles


  • Add / Edit / Delete equipment
  • Fill form from preconfigured select lists
  • Edit field observations
  • Measure wire diameter from IKE Photo
  • Set print area of an image
  • Export directly to PLA tools like IKE Structural/PoleForeman, O-Calc, and Spida Calc

Heights of Attachment

  • IKE Photo compass orientation
  • IKE Photo distance to the pole
  • Exposure compensation
  • Zoom in/out – Zoom window
  • Measure heights above ground from IKE Photo
  • Measure height directly into the form
  • Measure pole diameter from IKE Photo
  • Measure vertical separation from IKE Photo
  • Copy heights when copying subform
  • Pole tag photos

Pole Load Analysis Integration

  • Load PLA results (PDF, PPLX, XML) into IKE Office
  • Extract key PLA values to IKE Office data model
  • Export altitudes in NAVD88 (Excel)
  • Duplicate a pole for independent MRE scenario

Make Ready Engineering

  • Duplicate a pole for independent MRE scenario


  • KML extended vector Information
  • Short IKE Report
  • Download previously uploaded PLA files
  • Raw thumbnails in reports
  • Custom Outputs – populate existing customer forms
(via IKE Solution Engineering)
  • API access to IKE Office database
  • Export altitudes in NAVD88 (Excel)

Find out more about how IKE Office Pro can revolutionize the way you work with pole data.

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