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The next generation software for defendable Pole Load Analysis

Eliminate the guesswork, build reliable structural models, and easily achieve NESC® compliance with IKE PoleForeman–the most trusted pole load analysis software by major electric utilities and communication companies.

How IKE PoleForeman works


Build the structural model

Input span lengths, line angles, wire sizes, and equipment on the canvas.

Measure span clearances

Determine if the poles provide safe clearances over terrain, driveways, roadways, waterways, and railways using built in tools.

Perform detailed analysis

Perform loading calculations to determine pole strength utilization and compliance with NESC safety requirements.

On-Demand Webinar

Introducing IKE PoleForeman

In this webinar, PoleForeman creator and IKE’s Senior VP of Structural Analysis, Malcolm Young, gives an overview of IKE PoleForeman and discusses its key new features.

Support new construction projects

Save time and potential reworks on your projects with tools that guarantee your poles are meeting NESC requirements from the start.


Pole height (NESC clearances)

Calculate the overall pole height needed to meet any NESC mid-span crossing requirements by using the integrated Height Stick tool found in the 3D Visual View.


Pole class (NESC pole loading)

Calculate the pole class needed to meet any minimum NESC strength requirements by analyzing the structure. You can choose between specific NESC loading districts as well as NESC construction grades.

Easy joint-use collaboration

IKE PoleForeman’s easy-to-use interface and features simplify the joint-use process and even let you load in specific operating companies’ standards.


Construct accurate As-Built models

Model 'As-Built' poles to properly check clearances and pole class to ensure the existing structure is passing NESC strength and clearance requirements.


Propose make-ready models

Build make-ready models and test to see if the pole will pass or fail minimum clearance and strength requirements after a new attachment is added.


Identify clearances and separation

Quickly check clearances between conductors or groundlines in the 3D Visual View with the Height Stick tool.

Reliable storm hardening pole analysis

Reduce outages and restoration times by designing your system for general and extreme weather conditions such as wind and ice load cases.

Extreme Wind PLA

Extreme wind conditions

Analyze structures with NESC rule 250C. This analysis accounts for a high wind loading condition in which there is no interaction with other weather conditions such as icing.


Extreme ice conditions

Analyze structures with NESC rule 250D. This analysis accounts for extreme ice and concurrent wind loading.

Engineering design and construction standards

Populate your database with aerial plant (conductors, cables, pole line hardware, etc.) from our master parts catalog. Then configure the database to your company’s design specifications and construction standards.


Building and configuring your database

Using IKE PoleForeman’s database admin portal companies can add and edit conductors, brackets, insulators, guy wires, anchors, poles, transformers, street lights, etc. If you design to RUS construction standards (common with co-ops and municipalities, but typically not with IOUs) we have a pre-built RUS database to get you up and running quickly.

Database Distribute in IKE PoleForeman

Distributing database updates

Users internal to your organization automatically get database updates. You can easily provide access to your database for engineering firms or consultants outside of your organization. On startup, IKE PoleForeman will check the Web Portal for any database updates and distribute to approved users.

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