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The IKE Team

IKE’s people are its DNA and drive our purpose of Manaakitanga. From top to bottom, we're dedicated to helping each other and our customers succeed.

The team at IKE is made of...

Industry expertise

Our team combines industry understanding with tech excellence. We’re the partner that our customers cannot imagine living without.

Amazing individuals

In our purpose to rise by lifting each other we seek to work with amazing individuals who champion this goal.

Hear from the team

Franco talks about family and IKE

IKE’s culture helps me be around more for my family

Coming to IKE… I’ve never had an issue… I’m actually more at home now. I can spend more time with my girls, versus my previous job where I was home maybe twice a month… But now that I’m here with IKE, I’m more actively engaged with my family.

Franco Cinecio

FDC Manager

Jessica talks about being a manager at IKE

The most rewarding things about being an manager at IKE

…I really like to focus on where they (my team) see themselves. I focus a lot on what they like doing and what projects I could assign them to get more experience in those areas… I’ve helped them to recognize what their strengths are and what they want in a career at IKE.

Jessica Walker

IKE Analyze Manager

Georg discusses why he is at IKE

Searching for that connection to people and making an impact

…It was more about getting into something that connects closer to people… Here at IKE, we measure utility poles, that’s a really crucial infrastructure that makes people’s life easy… I’ve met the people working with the software and it’s that connection I’m after.

Georg Duemlein

Enterprise Architect

Working at IKE

Talent on the rise

Our people come for the job and the reputation of working at IKE. They stay for the accelerated development of their careers. Meet some of them.

Liz Etzel

Joined IKE in 2017 as a Support Engineer; Liz served on the IKE Customer Brigade, sharing valuable insights into the customer experience (CX) at a post-sale level with her team members. Her appreciation for CX empathy is a cornerstone of her role as the IKE Product Manager.

Support Engineer IKE Product Mgr.

Spencer Hankin

Joined IKE in 2019 as an account manager; Spencer has an uncanny ability to grok and rock GIS data in the age of cloud-based workflows. As a senior GIS manager, he generates hyperrealistic GEO-HUD displays to impress with visually rich macro and micro pole analytics.

Account Manager Senior GIS Mgr.

Jessica Walker

Joined IKE in 2017 as an Analyst; Jessica leads as the IKE Analyze manager. She demonstrated her brilliance in running the department while ranked among the earth's most likable people. All while delivering customer projects in scope and on time.

IKE Analyst IKE Analyze Manager

Blake Collins

Joined the IKE support and training team in 2016; Blake leads as the solutions engineering manager. He has a wealth of knowledge from the field to IKE Office, including the details in between. Blake plays a lynchpin role from customer onboarding to the ongoing customer lifecycle.

Support & Training Specialist Solutions Eng. Mgr.

Alex Wagner

Joined IKE in 2018 as an IKE Analyst; Alex leads as the quality control analyze manager. His mission with the QC analyst team is to ensure customer delivery quality meets the high IKE standards. He brilliantly manages the balance between QC and on-time delivery.

IKE Analyst QC Analyse Manager

Chris Chan

Joined IKE in 2008 as an electronic technician; Chris leads as the operations manager for IKE. He tackles challenges from untangling supply chain knots to ensuring technology continuity for the team and customers of IKE. Chris is an ultra-smart and undeniably kind human.

Electronic Technician Operations Manager

Chris Stolpmann

Started at IKE as an IKE Analyst in 2020 and later that year moved to the QC Analyst role. His next move is to lead an IKE Analyze contract team in Mexico City. Chris has become a truth-sayer, bringing clarity and context to an industry rich and jargon. Read his contributions here.

IKE Analyst Team Lead

Dan Allan

Joined IKE in 2015 as a graphic designer; Dan leads as the creative director for IKE. He navigates the design for the IKE brand family, where the industry is trying to find its voice. Dan has helped reinvigorate the IKE brand image thoughtfully and with great energy.

Senior Designer Creative Director

IKE’s teams

Our leadership team supports you

Every person at IKE plays an important role by the very existence of that role.

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