Focus on the Field Work. Let IKE Analyze do the rest.

With billions of dollars being invested into aerial fiber deployments the speed to deploy is more critical than ever.

IKE4 helps hundreds of companies speed up their data collection of pole measurements.  And now IKE Analyze completes the back-office work.

IKE Analyze helps you attach faster and for less:

  • Simply collect the field data.  IKE Analyze delivers the Completed Pole Data, PLA and Reports and removes any requirement for time consuming back-office work.
  • IKE Analyze scales with you.  As workloads increase or decrease, avoid the difficult process of hiring, training and managing back office personnel.
  • Gain control over the quality and consistency of your data. Via IKE Analyze dashboards and advanced project reporting.

Meet IKE Analyze

IKE Analyze

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