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NESC® and OSHA training classes

We specialize in the electrical codes governing electric and communication utilities in the United States. Providing National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®) and OSHA Communication Worker training.

Benefits of IKE’s NESC® and OSHA training courses

Save time and money

Save on travel time and out-of-office expenses

Training together

Entire departments can be trained together

Designed for your needs

The presentation can be designed to meet the needs of your organization

Train on your schedule

Our training schedule can be modified to meet your team’s needs

IKE offers the following NESC and OSHA training classes


Major Changes and General Overview of the 2023 National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®)

1-Day Class 2-Day Class


NESC® for Day-to-Day Utility Work (for Engineers and Lineworkers)

1-Day Class 2-Day Class


NESC® Rules for Joint Use Construction (for Engineers and Lineworkers)

1-Day Class 2-Day Class


OSHA 1910.268 (Communication Line Workers)

1-Day Class


Custom NESC® and OSHA training classes

Custom Training Classes

In-person or online, we have you covered.

Interested in a class?

Get in touch with our team to get pricing and additional information on bringing a training class to your utility.

In-house training classes

Our in-house presentations are typically economical on a per person basis when the utility has approximately 15 or more individuals to train. For in-house training, the utility company provides the conference room and any desired meals and beverages for the attendees.

Online training classes

This convenient format allows you to get training right at your computer delivered via a live presentation, in real time. You can even ask questions via the web - it's that easy!

Helpful resources for your training

The National Electrical Safety Code and McGraw Hill’s National Electrical Safety Code books are indispensable resources for any utility. While not required for all classes we encourage attendees of our NESC training to bring a copy of the NESC Codebook and the McGraw Hill’s NESC Handbook (please check individual classes for requirements).

2023 National Electrical Safety Code C2-2023

McGraw Hill’s National Electrical Safety Code 2023 (NESC) Handbook

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